What’s Trending in Cosmetics Right Now?

For years, major conglomerates ruled the cosmetic industry, often making it difficult for customers to stray from the well-established norms. However, with the rise of internet sales and social media, small-scale cosmetic proprietors and celebrity entrepreneurs are making waves like never before. Months ago, Kylie Jenner made news after repeatedly selling out of her exotic lipstick kits, but she isn’t the first to do so. Years prior, Russian-born entrepreneur Doe Deere was selling out of the candy-colored “Unicorn” lipsticks produced by her brand, Lime Crime. Like Jenner, Deere’s success may be part entrepreneurial, part fame.

Deere maintains several lines of communication with her fan base through social media. Most notably, Deere’s Instagram page has over 400 thousand followers, who shower Doe daily with compliments on her makeup and fashion choices. Deere frequently posts images of herself, “The Unicorn Queen,” wearing her own cosmetics alongside fiercely colored hair and one-of-a-kind clothing ensembles. Her fans are located all over and even outside of the country. For Deere, running a strictly internet based company means she can focus on attracting like-minded customers, without having to worry about stocking inventory in brick-and-mortar stores.

From a young age, Deere has shown a deep appreciation for cosmetics. They allowed her to be creative and express herself as an individual. However, she often found it difficult to find shades that matched her homemade clothes. As a personal solution, she dreamt up Lime Crime. Originally, she sold very limited edition lipsticks from an Etsy page. However, she quickly outgrew the platform. Today, her business runs out of a busy office in Los Angeles, California.

For consumers looking for affordable, high-quality cosmetics, the internet makes shopping as easy as possible. Moreover, for those seeking to achieve an individual look, cosmetic lines like Doe Deere are happy to provide the artistic supplies. Unlike traditional products, internet-only brands more easily ridiculed by consumers, who have the ability to post reviews and criticism directly to their websites or social media accounts. Lime Crime offers consumers an interesting and ethically sound option. On top of being a small business, the line is both cruelty-free and vegan. So if you’d like to sport a rainbow of color without hurting your wallet or anything else for that matter, give Lime Crime a try!

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