The Voice Needs To Be Heard

The interest and fascination about politics are one of the things that are coming back to the society. Although not many students can benefit from civics classes at the moment, people follow the newest events more closely than they used to. They want to make sure politicians work for them and not the other way around. This interest is important in the current political climate since so many things are changing. It was always important to be politically active since it only means exercising citizen rights, but the understanding of it is just coming back to people. It comes together with interest in how political campaigns work and how they are funded.

A decision made by the Supreme Court had an impact on political campaigns, and not everybody was impressed. It allows big companies and people with deep pockets to offer money to political campaigns and support them. This can have an impact on the outcome of a campaign or an election, and not everybody is a fan of this decision. People believe that politicians should work for the electorate as a whole and not just for a couple of individuals who have deep pockets and selfish interests.

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This is one of the reasons End Citizens United was born. This PAC supports democratic candidates and decisions. However, the most important aspect they are interested in is a more transparent government. The core belief is that even though money will always play a role in politics when a handful of rich people make it worse for everybody else while making it better for themselves, it is time to fight back. People agree with this idea, and the donations to End Citizens United have not stopped. They managed to rise a lot of money to support their causes. The average donation is not significant, and ECU cannot accept donations bigger than 5000 dollars from a single individual. Despite that, there have been more than 100 000 donors this year, and 40 000 of them donated for the first time.

End Citizens United want to make sure that the political campaign finance law doesn’t benefit billionaires and leave the rest of the electorate worse off. They want to put their name on the map and announce their arrival to those who hope to gain leverage in the government just because they have a lot of money they can donate to impact a campaign.

These kinds of organizations inspire other people to become more active on a local level. People want to make sure that the government knows they have a voice and a loud voice nonetheless. The levels of activity are rising, and it is a sign of things to change and the things to come.

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