The Successful Life of Heather Russell

Heather Russell joined the management team of TransUnion as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Legal Officer as from June 2018. Before joining the institution, she worked in a prominent Law Firm known as the Buckley Sandler, LLP. Russell got respect as a partner at the firm leading as from October 2016 in the Financial Institutions Regulations, Technology, and Supervision practices. Her intellectual capacity in the technology helped other companies like the financial service institutions and banks in dealing with matters concerning the regulatory issues. Russell would handle matters like navigating regulatory approval processes, implementing required regulatory changes, and merger and acquisitions.

The individual has other expertise with which she brings to the TransUnion. Initially, she worked in the Fifth Third Bank as the Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Legal Officer. She worked as the Global Chief Regulatory Counsel in the Bank of New York Mellon. She founded the firm’s International Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, a group that managed the relationship of the bank with its regulators in 100 countries across the globe. Russell was the Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel of the Bank of American, where she provided lead counsel services like Global Risk and Advisory.

Heather Russell acquired the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology and English. At the American University’s Washington College of Law, Russell graduated with her Juris Doctor. As an outstanding law student, she received the honor of Most Outstanding Graduate. Also, taught about the future of banks and fintech as an adjunct Professor in the Boston University’s School of Law. The TransUnion President and CEO, James Peck congratulated Russell saying that she will be an essential addition to the institution’s administrative team, where she can add her leadership opinions. Russell will be part of the leading international consumer credit reporting authority. Transunion serves other companies regarding the fraud and prevention matters.

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