The Rise and Fall of Kyle Bass


Kyle Bass has fallen far below the base of his initial succes when he founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006. He’s fallen so low, according to Useful Stooges, that he has become the M. Night Shymalan of hedge-fund investors, compiling bad decision after bad decision until he has ultimately lost the credibility he once stood with.


Kyle Bass’ rise to popularity arrived when he predicted the mortgage crisis of 2008. His meteoric rise to fame was comparable Shymalan, who directed movies that were highly praised such as The Sixth Sense and Signs.


Since becoming an influencer among the hedge-fund community, however, Kyle Bass has turned profit on ethically questionable terms and support of economically illiterate politicians.  In the last thirteen years, Argentina has defaulted on its sovereign debt under her economic guidance.


Yet Kyle Bass supports her actions, sounding more like a leftist economist than a hedge-fund manager.


Additionally, Bass has recently taken part in a pharmaceutical development where he short sells stocks, challenges a medical patent, and accumulates millions of dollars while stock prices go down and pharmaceutical prices drastically increase.


Is this an ethically sound practice? No, and in fact by turning a quick buck from pharmaceutical companies Kyle Bass is raking a massive profit while millions of people suffer from the high priced drugs and prescriptions.


In recent investments involving oil, Bass states that “I had no idea crude would fall so low”. With the recent drop in oil prices from 2015 to 2016, which has seen the average price for a barrel of oil drop to $48, Bass stated he did not see the decrease in prices coming.


While Bass may have been hailed when he predicted the financial crisis of 2008, he has certainly seen a significant decrease in investments since then. Despite this, he has increased his media appearances, most likely to remain among the investment elites.


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  1. Kyle Bass has consistently supported her despite her terrible economic actions with her and her cronies, the article states. Take for instance the case of Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. I do know for sure that rush essays would have to get this from them all of a sudden.

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