The Power of Securus Technologies to Tighten Up Prison Security

I can tell you firsthand that working in a jail is perhaps the most dangerous of all jobs. I have been a guard in a crowded prison for ten years, and each year it seems the violence the inmates exhibit is only getting worse. Although me and my fellow officers have each other’s backs, we need resources that will be working around the clock to ensure we are protected. Thanks to Securus Technologies, we were about to get all the help we could ever need.


Securus Technologies designs call monitoring systems that replace the old way that we used to have to listen to inmates on the telephone. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and currently employs a little over a thousand hard working and committed individuals. The entire company up to the CEO Richard Smith, all understand that they follow one objective, making the world safe for all.


The reason we desperately needed this call monitoring system is because our jail in particular has the largest population of violent offenders and gang affiliated members in the country. When you are in such close quarters with these types of individuals, it does not take much to spark a full scale riot. If the inmates are high or have weapons readily available, the officers are in serious trouble.


The LBS software is scanning the calls that all the inmates are making, and can detect any chatter related to a variety of subjects. If the inmates are talking about getting drugs, we discover how they are doing it. When one inmates gets the word from the street to message his soldiers to attack a rival gang, we separate the groups accordingly. Now we have the ability to be in a better position to get ahead of the violence and maintain a degree of order.