The Oxford Club Helps Investors Find Early Trends

How would you like to amp up your investing knowledge and improve your chances of attaining the universal dream of financial freedom? The Oxford Club offers a way that one could boost their market knowledge and deepen their investing skills. Investment U is the valuable resource that they offer to their members and people of all skill levels can benefit with this offering.

The Oxford Club is approaching their third full decade in existence and their growth over the years has been strong and steady. This private network of investors now has more than 157,000 members in 130 countries. Their common goal is to strive for financial independence and realize a prosperous life that goes beyond money.

Networking and brainstorming have characterized The Oxford Club since their beginning in 1989. A small group of investors and entrepreneurs came together to consider superior ways to invest. One of the chief methods that they uncovered was a reliance on personal contacts in various fields to detect emerging market trends early. This suited them better than waiting to hear about something already underway in financial media outlets.

A heavy emphasis on deep research has also been a driving force of The Oxford Club and this continues today as well as the networking. A deep dive into market happenings and economic reports give them an edge in their investing.

The Oxford Club is home to three monthly newsletters which give their members cutting-edge research and trading ideas. They also produce 12 different trading services which spotlight opportunities in various market sectors. This gives members access to talented experts who can help them construct an outperforming portfolio.

The strategies that The Oxford Club employs have stood the test of time and they allow members to prosper greatly. Additionally, they are focused on reducing risk and assiduously avoid overexposure to any one sector or vehicle. Timely exit strategies are put in place beforehand which gives members a wonderful peace of mind.

Memberships are currently available at The Oxford Club and there are three levels of benefits. Financial freedom is a priceless gift and they give their members a greater chance to make it a reality. Follow @The_Oxford_Club on Twitter for more update.