The Contributions Of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando started his career by volunteering at the Mercantile Exchange located in Chicago. Raj Fernando began working his way up in the company, while at the same time also working for Chicago’s Board of Trade. He founded Chopper Trading in 2002 and the company expanded in growth to over two-hundred-fifty employees. He also went to Beloit College where he received his degree in both economics and history.

Fernando was also a contributor for the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission, and gave his support for the establishment of financial markets that were honest, open, highly competitive, and rock solid. He was a panelist for the commission in 2010, and spoke of the trading practices that were so disruptive.

Fernando spoke to an audience made up of international individuals in 2013. This group was composed of shareholders and media representatives. This was an industry related event, conducted at the yearly meeting for the Rosenblatt Global Exchange. Then, Fernando sold the company Chopper Trading to DRW. This was a trading firm out of Chicago.

A new internet company called Scoutahead was founded by Fernando in 2016. The goal of this company was to promote growth and productivity in the corporate world through a communication system with advanced capabilities. Fernando is the CEO of this company.

There are many philanthropic efforts being supported by Fernando throughout the United States. He is a member of the board for the Chicago Symphony, as well as a shelter with a no-kill policy for animals called PAWS. Fernando gives his support to countless organizations who are making a substantial difference in the community. He became a member of the International Security Advisory Board in 2011. This board was the one giving advice to Hillary Clinton. Eventually he stepped down because of the amount of violence taking place in the international markets at this time.

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