Taking a Look At Jim Toner

Jim Toner carries a few titles real estate investor, speaker, and consultant, along with being a radio show host.  Real estate entrepreneur Toner has spoken all over the country to bring his knowledge of real estate investment to others. he has appeared many times with famous names in the business. His talks that break down real estate investment for the general public can bring people from every corner of the country. He is now working with a Private Client Group and coaching group. However, there is a waiting list for either of these.

Jim Toner keeps time in his busy schedule for himself. While his day may begin at 5:30 am, the first 30 minutes is time reserved for clearing his head and thinking. After that, it’s off to the gym where Jim can be found pushing himself and listening to a Podcast or audiobook. Exercise and reading are daily essentials for him. By 9 am he is ready to get to work. While he does make sure his priorities are taken care of, he doesn’t follow a strict routine. He generally takes time to nap at around 2 pm.

When asked how a person brings ideas to life he says his best advice is to just get out there and do it. Take the time to make a plan to make what you want to happen. Once you have a plan it’s time to get started. Don’t take too much time for thinking about the idea as the idea may die waiting to be implemented. He also says that you have to stop thinking of a failure as the end. No one doesn’t have a bad day, but you have to be able to keep pushing ahead to get a win. Don’t follow trends, follow the fundamentals. The fundamentals don’t change while trends are always changing.

You have to remember that no matter what worry you are struggling with there are others out there going through the same thing. The basics of life are the same for us all and we all face struggle and hardship. Even a financial wipeout is not fatal, there is always more money out there for you to make.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) has had to overcome struggles in his own life. Even having to move his family with little more than the clothes on their backs. Using the advice that others come out to hear, he was able to move past that point in his life and get back on track. One of the best pieces of advice he gives in helping to make your money grow is to not forget to give just to be giving.

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