Success Academy – An Academic Icon That Is Changing Lives

Success academy is a charter school that comprises of 34 public charter schools in New York City. Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy as Harlem success Academy in 2006. This resulted to the opening of several other schools in Harlem. Eventually, more schools were later started outside New York. In 2015, Success Academy registered a student population of 9,000. This immense success is directly linked to the sound management system.

Amid its breakthrough, Success Academy faced several challenges. A case in point is when Bill de Blasio came up with a policy that sought to ban charter schools from getting free space in public school buildings. Contrary to his expectations, this policy did not see its way to the implementation stage. Governor Andrew came in handy to stop this policy. As a result, Success Academy among other chartered schools became eligible for public school space.

As a matter of fact, many parents still enrolling their children in Success Academy. This is so because Success Academy holds an exemplary record in academic performance. Of interest to note also, is the overall quality of education offered at Success Academy. Over 29% of its students were considered proficient in English. 35% of the students were considered good in math. This fascinating results were obtained from the state’s challenging common alignment exams.

Success is still popularly known for its good academic performance. Besides, Success Academy maintains high levels of discipline in running the school. In cases where a peculiar character get spotted in a student, corrective measures get applied, that include calling the parent. Success came uses a remedy program called, Effort Academy to uphold its values.

The community has also been very supportive in developing Success Academy. This include provision of space and resources that include money. For instance the school board approved a lease agreement that sought to find more modern classes, particularly for the physically disabled students.

At Success Academy, students and teachers who excel in various subjects are proportionally rewarded. In summary, this approach ensures that students stay motivated. Teachers are also scrutinized regularly for their professional competence.

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