Saitama: The One Punch Man


If you are on the edge about modern anime and want to desperately try something new we wholeheartedly suggest checking out ‘One Punch Man’. For most jaded badass anime characters fans ‘One Punch Man’ is the perfect remedy to years and years of overly serious, sob-story stylized, dramatic work. Why does this show work? Well, for a ton of reasons but mostly because of the lead character — Saitama.


Saitama: The One Punch Man.

Going into OPM you need to remember one thing: this show isn’t like anything you’ve seen before and yet it is entirely familiar. ‘One Punch Man’ seeks to subvert pretty much everything you’ve come to be familiar with regarding anime. You’ll immediately notice that the show feels similar to other serious ‘fight shows’ like ‘Naruto’ or ‘Dragonball’ but it is still different. The reason? Saitama is invincible. That’s right, the main character in the series is functionally invincible.


Saitama rolls through the world of ‘One Punch Man’ desperately trying to find his way to a good fight. However, no matter where he goes he ends up defeating his enemy with a single swing of his arm. This makes Saitama both hilarious and easy to sympathize with. He just wants a good fight! Saitama is played to the deadpan on most occasions but there are times when he jumps out of his shell to steal a scene with a hilarious one liner. If you need the antidote to those self-serious anime shows then we highly suggest checking out ‘One Punch M an’.