What Equities First Holdings Says is Happening with Borrowers

Equities First Holdings, a global lender, is now seeing a new trend in their borrower’s behavior. That trend is showing borrowers are using their stocks as a way to boost their capital rather than applying for traditional loans. The economic climate has been volatile since 2007, and today that volatility continues to exist. The availability of these stock-based loans is great news for those who are seeking a way to pay off debt as well as to further invest in their business.


While Equities First works with businesses and high net worth individuals, these individuals are also looking for ways to increase their capital creatively. When banks began to tighten their guidelines on credit, and how it would be awarded, borrowers had to find a new way of doing things. The need to raise capital quickly rules out taking the time to apply for a conventional loan when the stocks can be accessed within a few days in most cases.


CEO Al Christy said this in a recent press release; “”During a typical three-year loan term, market fluctuation is inevitable, but stock-based loans provide a hedge because the borrower is lowering his or her investment risk in a downside market.” Risk taking is second nature for entrepreneurs, but when it comes to money it’s important that alternatives are considered for financing when needed. Margin loans bring an unknown to the equation because the borrower must be pre-qualified in order to get the loan. The stock-based loan does not require that, and in a down market it’s ideal for the borrower.


These loans make it simple for the borrower as they can use the money for any project they wish. The loan-to-value ratios can also be higher than in a conventional loan, which is also welcome news for those living in areas where real estate is still making a comeback.


Since 2002, EFH has been working with borrowers on investments, stocks, and now this alternative form of lending. The financing is done in an alternative fashion, meaning that the money is lent against publicly traded stocks. Since 2002, EFH has completed more than 650 transactions and they are valued at more than $1.4 billion.


Visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com/ for more information.

Video Games Help Improve Senior’s Lives


Senior living and memory care homes are working to find innovative ways to help seniors live more happy and productive lives. One new method is the integration of video games, including the Nintendo Wii, into their lives.


Surprisingly, a variety of studies have been undertaken and most of them have shown video games to be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including real physical, emotional, and socially healing benefits.


Video Games Create A Social Network

People who play video games often get together to compete against each other or to simply talk about their latest accomplishments. This same is true at senior centers: they simply love getting together and showing off their gaming prowess. Socializing is an important thing for seniors, as it can help stave off depression symptoms and other serious health problems.


Gaming Improves Memory

Playing video games requires memorizing a variety of patterns, including control movements and various button combinations. This helps test a senior’s memory and helps decrease symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Some Games Can Increase Physical Activity

While most people likely think of video games as a rather static activity, movement-based game systems such as the Nintendo Wii and the XBox Kinect force people to stand up and play. As a result, seniors can be more physically active and get a safe level of exercise.


How The Manse On Marsh Is Helping

The Manse On Marsh is an award-winning assisted living facility in San Luis Obsipo. Their awards include recently receiving the “Caring Star” award for their help in providing high-quality assisted living and memory care to their residents. They were also voted “number one” in the “Reader’s Choice Awards” in the “SLO Tribune.”


What makes The Manse On Marsh so respected? Their dedication to doing everything necessary to help their residents live a happy and healthy life, something SeniorHousingNet noted in their review. That’s why they’ve integrated a wide range of fun activities into their care services, including hands-on tactile concepts, like video games.

Malini Saba: A Visionary Entrepreneur on a Mission to Make the World a Better Place for Women

Malini Saba is one of the most iconic women in the business world today. Starting out, Malini faced an uphill struggle. Corrupt colleagues and competitors worked round the clock in an attempt to edge her out of the industry. She, however, fought back hard, using her money and all the other resources at her means and disposal.


A Passionate Risk-Taker with a Clear-Cut Strategy


The challenges she encountered only served to strengthen her determination and resolve to succeed. In the long run, her valiant efforts paid off brilliantly. Today, she is a revered and a respected business mogul with investments spanning many different genres. Her investments are in the energy sector, in farming and real estate as well.


From the very beginning, Saba has always been a people person.


How Malini Saba Made Her First Million


One of her premier investments was known as Stree. This is a global initiative targeting low-income earning women. The overarching objectives of the organization are to empower women with the hope that they, in turn, end up make a positive impact on their communities.


Back in the 90’s, Saba used to work in Silicon Valley. While in California, Saba sunk her teeth into companies like Paypal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. With time, her share values in these enterprises grew exponentially. That made her a very wealthy woman.


Career and Investments of Saba


Currently, she serves as the Chairman of Saban. This company mainly has interests in a broad consortium of investment niches. Saban deals with technology, oil and gas and even real estate. The portfolio of the company includes investments done all over the world.


Charity and Philanthropy


Courtesy of her company, Stree, the business magnate has been able to make healthcare accessible to multitudes of women from far-flung corners of the globe. Stree also provides legal help and assistance to needy women in Africa, Indian Eastern Europe and in India as well. Her company was in inaugurated by Bill Clinton and by The Queen of Jordan, Noor. Malini has already donated well over 10$ million for various noteworthy causes spread out across the globe.


Family Life


Saba has a daughter whom she loves dearly. She adores Steve Jobs for his fighting spirit, and she loves to read non-fiction books like Alexander the Great by John Gunther.

Historian Michael Zomber Takes a Different Path


On June 12, Michael Zomber appeared on a podcast to discuss his latest book. During the interview, he talked about how he has been very fond of Japanese culture. Along with talking about his latest book, he also talked about history in general. With this conversation, Michael has revealed his passions which are among the more intriguing. These include antique guns and samurai swords.

For forty years, Michael Zomber has collected a number of antique guns. Along with collecting these guns, he has studied them and has therefore accumulated a lot of knowledge about them. As a result, he has looked to share his knowledge of antique guns to the masses. One of the ways in which he has revealed his knowledge of antique guns is through media outlets such as the History Channel.

As well as being very fond of antique guns, Michael Zomber is also quite interested in samurai swords. With his knowledge of samurai swords, he has been inspired to write a number of stories and historical novels about them. Zomber has written a number of screenplays about samurai swords and stories where they were used. He has also written other works that depict the life and culture of Japan during this historical era. With some of the screenplays, Michael has made films through his company Renascent Films LLC.

While Michael Zomber is quite fond of guns and swords, he is also involved in a number of philanthropic activities. He is often part of organizations that promote peace and conflict resolution. As part of these organizations, Michael has participated in causes that help provide better education, better healthcare and also diplomacy to avoid armed conflicts.

Before Michael Zomber became a writer and historian, he studied literature at the University of California Los Angeles. At this institution, he earned degrees in this field and used it as the foundation for his future works. Along with his education, Michael spends time with his wife and children in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Sam Tabar To Help Bring FullCycle Energy To The Forefront Of Waste Recycling

Sam Tabar has been involved in the financial sector and especially in budget strategy for the majority of his career. In addition to working with finances and related services, he is also a licensed attorney. He received his Masters of Law after he graduated from Columbia Law School. He also attended Oxford University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts with honors. His long and noteworthy career included serving as the Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch which is now owned by Bank Of America. He recently was appointed as the COO at FullCycle Energy. He will be responsible for the management of the company’s funds as well as investment and expenditure strategies.

When asked about his new role, Sam Tabar stated that he was excited to help lead the company into a new phase of growth and social responsibility. He plans on steering FullCycle Energy away from using fuels that pollute the environment and switching to more economical green fuels. With his experience and a solid strategy, there is no doubt that the company will continue to prosper as well as help to help conserve our delicate environment.

Sam Tabar has the know-how and the foresight to be able to bring the company to the forefront of social responsibility while also keeping the facility cost effective and profitable. They are able to convert waste materials into environmentally friendly fuels for a fraction of the cost of standard fuels. The source of the materials that they convert to fuel, is municipal solid waste. Read more about where Sam is going on BitsyLink.  Otherwise read more about him on his official website.

The Rise and Fall of Kyle Bass


Kyle Bass has fallen far below the base of his initial succes when he founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006. He’s fallen so low, according to Useful Stooges, that he has become the M. Night Shymalan of hedge-fund investors, compiling bad decision after bad decision until he has ultimately lost the credibility he once stood with.


Kyle Bass’ rise to popularity arrived when he predicted the mortgage crisis of 2008. His meteoric rise to fame was comparable Shymalan, who directed movies that were highly praised such as The Sixth Sense and Signs.


Since becoming an influencer among the hedge-fund community, however, Kyle Bass has turned profit on ethically questionable terms and support of economically illiterate politicians.  In the last thirteen years, Argentina has defaulted on its sovereign debt under her economic guidance.


Yet Kyle Bass supports her actions, sounding more like a leftist economist than a hedge-fund manager.


Additionally, Bass has recently taken part in a pharmaceutical development where he short sells stocks, challenges a medical patent, and accumulates millions of dollars while stock prices go down and pharmaceutical prices drastically increase.


Is this an ethically sound practice? No, and in fact by turning a quick buck from pharmaceutical companies Kyle Bass is raking a massive profit while millions of people suffer from the high priced drugs and prescriptions.


In recent investments involving oil, Bass states that “I had no idea crude would fall so low”. With the recent drop in oil prices from 2015 to 2016, which has seen the average price for a barrel of oil drop to $48, Bass stated he did not see the decrease in prices coming.


While Bass may have been hailed when he predicted the financial crisis of 2008, he has certainly seen a significant decrease in investments since then. Despite this, he has increased his media appearances, most likely to remain among the investment elites.


The Life Story of Crystal Hunt

Actors and actresses are expected to have long careers in the entertainment business, be it television or on film. Actress Crystal Hunt is an example of one such person to do this.

Crystal Hunt is an actress who is originally a native of Clearwater, Florida. Born on February 5, 1985, Hunt took an early interest in the entertainment and show business at the age of 2, when she was participating in pageants with a specialty in acting. As she grew older she moved away from simple pageants and made strides towards the movie and television industry, starring in different commercials. One of her more famed ones was starring in an anti-drug advertisement alongside pop band *NSYNC in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company.

Crystal Hunt earned her most noteworthy claim to fame is starring as the character of Lizzie Spaulding in the daytime soap opera Guiding Light, where she played the role from 2003 to 2006. In that time she even earned herself a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for the Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Hunt’s other big role also came in the form of a soap opera, only this time it was on the show One Life to Live, where she played the troubled character of Stacy Morasco.

Despite being a major name in the soap opera business, Crystal Hunt has taken on a wide variety of other roles over the course of her career. She has played in various movies including The Derby Stallion in 2005, Sydney White in 2007 and most recently in Magic Mike XXL in 2015, the sequel to the 2012 film Magic Mike.

Jim Hunt Claims Making Mum A Millionaire Is Simple

So is making mum a millionaire simple? Well, Jim Hunt from VTA Publications seems to have the formula worked out by which he can do that. Hunt is an investment professional based in the UK who has mastered stock trades, futures, and other money movements. His goal has been to make stock trading and forex simple for the average joe, by giving tutorials on how to navigate through stock charts, and which kinds of investments you should make at what time.

He’s taught his readers on how to make a profit when the market is about to take a downturn, something he claims is how big billionaires like George Soros have been able to do under that circumstance. But more recently, he’s out to prove that you can make your “mum” a millionaire by finding the right kinds of stocks to trade. Jim Hunt says on Twitter that it doesn’t take a heavy investment, but something like 1,000 pounds that are invested in the surging stocks, and when you trade them at the right time, you can double their value repeatedly and after 10 trades, your mother will be a millionaire.

Hunt works for a UK economics and business education company called VTA Publications.  The topics they cover including learning about using stock charts, finding the hidden futures options and strategies for your investments, and using the bible as a guide for your retirement. And if that wasn’t enough, VTA Publications is connected with some of the most brilliant business minds from all around the world that they have come in to speak at seminars and conferences. Customers can purchase VTA’s course materials as well as the seminar sessions at www.vtapublications.co.uk, and VTA will ship them to just about any country in the world.

Market Yourself and Your Brand Using Wikipedia

NTV news anchor woke up recently to find his Wikipedia page edited. The edited biography contained various changes such as he was born in 1889 and was born in Uganda where he worked mining copper before eventually moving to Kenya in 1913.

The edited page further portrayed him as a politician, joining the Kenyan Workers’ party in the year 1919 before becoming the party leader of Kazi as from 1921 to 1923, a period in which he attempted a coup of Kisumu. He was also said to have been Chancellor of Kenya from 1933 to 1945 as well as initiated World War II and the invasion of Poland.

As much as this edited page contained a lot of misleading information, when you make a Wikipedia page it can be a great tool which an individual, a business or any organization can use so as to put themselves out there and create a better online presence. Wikipedia usually pop-ups in the first page of results whenever one does an internet search about an individual, business or organization and therefore having a Wikipedia page of your own will make you more visible to people to search the web for a particular service of product that you may offer.

Having a Wikipedia page has various benefits such as improving personal or business reputation and it also adds some level of authenticity as well as credibility about the business, individual or organization. This additional authenticity leads to more business and more sales.

More and more people turn to Wikipedia when they are looking for information about a service or a product and with over 36 million articles written in more than 250 languages, it is a great source of information. One can create their own Wikipedia page if one clearly understands the procedure involved in creating a Wikipedia account, finding informative online content for referencing and writing a great article.

Get Your Wiki offers you consultation services as well as the creation, editing, and updating of your Wikipedia page. They further offer Wikipedia monitoring to ensure that any Wiki edits made to your page is not malicious and does not distort the information about you, as well as Wikipedia translation if you want your page to be available in any other language apart from English.

The Efficient Services Offered by Get Your Wiki in Maintaining Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia is an internet encyclopedia that people around the world have access to. It contains information about prominent people and events that are known around the world and is meant to educate and keep users informed. When a company puts for the effort to make a Wikipedia page, it is advantageous for their company as well as prominent figures like politicians and business people. One of the benefits that they can obtain is they may be able to reach the targeted clients because of the extensive usage of Wikipedia around the world. For someone to enjoy the benefits of having a Wikipedia page, it is necessary to ensure that he or she has people who can ensure that the page is not edited, and if there is an edit made, then they can update a Wikipedia page of their own or anyone else’s to correct and maintain the reputation of the individuals.

Due to the ongoing election campaigns in the US, Wikipedia has seen the pages of different politicians get edited. Wiki edits of pages for politicians may negatively affect the reputation of an individual candidate or the targeted message may fail to reach the targeted people in the United States. One of the politicians affected most by Wikipedia edits on his page is Virginia Senator Tim Keane. During the last elections in 2008, after Republican candidate John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate, her Wikipedia page had seen more than sixty-five edits before the day came to an end. Since Tim Keane’s page has received more edits than many other senators, it is possible that this could influence the election campaigns for the Democrats.

Owing to the importance of having a Wikipedia page and the benefits that may accrue for the politicians and business people, it is necessary to hire a Wikipedia expert to maintain the pages. The experts may be able to format someone’s page once it has been edited so as not to damage an individuals’ reputation or pass the unintended message. Since most people find Wikipedia credible, the targeted audience can read about your business or brand, and this produces positive results. http://www.getyourwiki.com is one of the companies that provide these services to different clients.  On top of setting up the Wikipedia page for busy individuals who intend to reach their target audience, Get Your Wiki ensures that there is monitoring of the Wikipedia accounts and that edits do not damage the reputation of individuals when you hire a Wikipedia writer through their site.