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The Wessex Institute of Technology has a WIT Press that publishes five international journal titles, “Sustainable Development and Planning”, “Design & Nature and Ecodynamics”, “Safety and Security Engineering” and “Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements”, and “Energy Production and Management”. Work is already underway for 2017 and 2018 titles “Transport Development and Integration”, “Heritage Architecture” and “Environmental Impacts”.

WIT Press is a UK based publishing house with thirty years of experience serving the scitech community. The purpose of these journals is to provide researchers, engineers, scientists, graduate students and managers with access to the latest developments in their fields.

To purchase any of these journals you must be a registered user of the website (www.witpress.com). Once you are logged in, you will use the standard pay by download method. The journal will then be delivered to you electronically. As a subscriber, you have the additional benefit of receiving 4-8 color printed issues per year.

The Giving Heart of James Dondero

James Dondero is an American businessman based in Dallas, Texas. He is known around the area for being a man who loves helping the community around him. Some few months ago, James Dondero announced that his company would make a $ 1 million donation to an organization called the Family Place to help them in their mission against domestic violence.

James Dondero made this announcement during a trailblazer held by the Family place at the hotel in Dallas called Hilton Anatole. James Dondero is the co-founder and the current president of a firm called Highland Capital Management. Learn more about James Dandero: http://dallaslinks.com/highland-capital-powerhouse-president-james-dondero/

This donation will be made possible by the Highland Dallas Foundation, and the main goal here will be to match half of the donations that the family place receives. If they receive a $ 1 million Donation, the family place will make a donation of $500,000.

This donation came at a time when the prominent members of community had called on the able to help solve the issue of domestic violence around the Dallas area. These people include Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings as well as the Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

According to NexBank, James Dondero was quick to acknowledge that he was proud of the Family Place efforts. Some of these funds by the family place will be used to construct a new Central Dallas Counselling center that will be named the Ann Moody place.

This facility has been designed by a firm called the Corgan. The facility will consist of 13 emergency shelter bedrooms and will also consist of a dental and a medical clinic. The facility will also be built to contain a counseling center and a call center where victims of domestic violence can call.

The good thing about the new center is that it will improve the capacity to more than 6000 victims every year. Moreover, the center will also have an animal center. This will help cater for victims of domestic violence who are afraid of leaving their pets or animals behind.

James Dondero has been with Highland Capital since 1993 when he established the firm with another guy called Mark Okada. Dondero specializes in offering his clients the best advice concerning all forms of investments.


How OSI Group is Focused on Satisfying its Clients Globally

OSI Group L.L.C is an established enterprise that has been processing foods and beverages since 1909. The firm was created as a local manufacturer, and its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. It is currently thriving and has managed to cross international borders.

OSI’s staff is made up of more than 20,000 individuals. The business now offers a wide variety of products. They include hot dogs, pizza, poultry, fish, vegetable products, meat patties, and bacon. OSI Group is privately owned. Its performance in the market has been excellent, and this made the Forbes Magazine recognize it in its top 100 list. It has also been acknowledged as one of the leading firms in the food and beverages sector.

The growth of the company in the recent years has been rapid, and it mints billions of dollars. This development has been spearheaded by Sheldon Lavin, who is the current OSI Group CEO. He has ample finance and economic knowledge since he served as an investment professional. His outstanding performance at the company made him gain recognition through the Global Visionary Award. The firm currently has more than 60 food processing units that operate in 16 countries.

OSI is devoted to fulfilling the diversified needs of its clients and also grow its market in different regions of the world. It has therefore been involved in various acquisitions, and the latest one was of the Baho Foods. The headquarters of the company are based in Netherland. Baho focuses on the manufacture of various convenience foods such as snacks. The products of the enterprise are highly popular in Europe.

According to the COO of the OSI Group, David G. McDonalds, the acquisition will significantly support the company to reach more people in Europe. It will also help in satisfying a variety of products that fulfill the needs of the clients.

Baho Food is a significantly large company, and most of its manufacturing units are based in Germany and Netherlands. They are Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, and Q Smart Life. The firm has been distributing its products in more than 18 nations in Europe. Some of the enterprise’s employees will still be working for the OSI Group. They include John Balvers, who is the managing director and he will be part of the executive administration. The product portfolio of the OSI Group has grown, and it will have many commodities and brands to offer to the clients.


Traffic Solutions for Williamson County

The 19th annual Williamson County Growth Summit was held on the 8th of December 2016 at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. The panel consisted of transit experts, most of whom have decades of experience in the transportation industry. The summit was successful as the experts were able to come up with solutions for the traffic issue in Williamson County.


The discussions at the summit


One of the panel members, Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of the Texas Regional Mobility Authority, noted that transportation infrastructure in the region could be radically transformed by new technologies. However, he said it is still important for the Austin area to work on improving transportation in the region by building more and better roads to cater for the transportation needs of the growing Austin area. He commended the town for the great job it has done with its roads and other transportation infrastructure over the past decade but also noted that the population of the region is bound to increase and there is therefore a lot more to be done.


Another panel member, Alan McGraw, who is the Mayor of Round Rock, raised the question of what the role of policymakers is in preparing for future transportation needs. In response to this question, Jared Ficklin, a designer at AgroDesign, said that the new technologies to be adopted will need more advanced structures to be put in place to accommodate them and facilitate their use and policymakers can help achieve this by having flexible building codes that will allow for such growth and advancement.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein has served as the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority in Austin, Texas since its establishment in 2002. He worked as a public official for Williamson County for over two decades before joining the Mobility Authority. Thanks to his experience and expertise in the field, he has led the agency in undertaking many projects aimed at improving transportation in the Austin region. The Mobility Authority has both short and long-term plans to modernize transportation infrastructure in the region to cater for the mobility needs of the area’s residents. He is a member of several other agencies and committees which are interested in solving the modern world’s transportation issues.




The experts strongly advocate the use of public transport to solve the traffic issue in the county. With new technologies like Uber, people will have a very easy time getting to the bus stops. Most of the ideas advanced involve leveraging technology to improve transportation infrastructure and solve some of the issues in the transportation industry.

How Comparative Law Has Contributed To Constitutional Development Across The World

A constitution is a unique document that assists a nation to govern its citizens, relationships with other nations and organizations, relationships with its citizens and all social and economic activities among other uses. Every country that uses a set of rules to describe courses of action whenever there are problems is able to control challenges however demanding they may prove to be. Countries where there is careful integration of laws by ensuring only the most useful parts of law are used are able to overcome even the most complex challenges.

Through comparative law, experts can develop new and stronger rules to help in the process of governing their country.

What is comparative law?

Comparative law by definition is the art of comparing laws from different nations or organizations. Through the art, agencies are able to pick only the most useful parts of law for integration into a new constitution. The art began in the 18th century and its effect spread across the years to date. Researchers who study the laws applied in other jurisdictions help in the development of constitutional law and can offer the needed insight for other countries looking to develop new laws.

The reason it is necessary to develop new laws is because it reaches a point and the laws available in a country prove obsolete or unable to serve the needs presented by the environment. Some laws that were used more than 50 years ago may not make sense today because a lot has changed in that span. Other laws that are used today were developed less than 20 years ago and this is to accommodate the new things that have changed the way people conduct business or engage with each other.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry, a renowned professor based in California, is a strong force in the comparative law field. He also doubles as a constitutional development expert and an advisor to leading organizations like the United Nations and World Bank. He boats of an experience record of over 30 years and his ideas have been used to cure violence and bring about peace building in different countries.

Courtesy of his skills and prowess, Sujit Choudhry was able to tour countries like Nepal and Sri Lanka, where he went to offer advice and contribution to help in the development of new systems of governance. Sujit Choudhry is also the Center for Constitutional Transitions founding director. The organization invites constitutional development experts from different regions, who come with support to make it possible to draft useful ideas for development of new laws.

Amazing American Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a famous and very successful entrepreneur from the United States. He was born on 02 September 1969 in Southfield, Michigan. At quite a young age, he has founded many companies. Besides being the co-founder, he is also the Chief Operating Officer of Tempus and Chairman of Groupon. Other companies that he co-founded include Uptake, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, and Mediaocean. Lefkofsky’s father was a structure engineer, and his mother was a school teacher. He graduated from University of Michigan in 1991. Two years later, he acquired the Juris Doctor degree from University of Michigan Law School.

While he was a student at the University of Michigan, he started selling carpets. In 1993, Eric Lefkofsky and his friend bought an apparel company Brandon Apparel in Wisconsin. In 1999, the two friends created Starbelly, an internet company which promoted products. A year later, they sold Starbelly to Halo Industries, and Lefkofsky became its Chief Operating Officer. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt after one year.

It was 2001 when Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkings which provided the services of print procurement to medium sized businesses. It was a huge success, and InnerWorkings entered US stock market in August 2006. Until 2012, Lefkofsky was a member of the company’s Board of Directors. In 2005, Lefkofsky and his partner created Echo Global Logistics which is a company for freight logistics. The company was another success, and NEA (New Enterprise Associates) became interested in series D financing. By 2006, Echo Global Logistics joined US stock exchange, and today it is traded successfully.

In 2006, the two founded a technology company MediaBank which provided software analysis, accounting, buying and planning to advertisers. The company was another success as it acquired Datatech and attracted NEA for investment. In 2007, Lefkofsky co-founded ThePoint.com which was renamed to Groupon.com in 2008. This company attracted investors like NEA, Battery Ventures, and Digital Sky Technology. In 2010, Lightbank was created by Lefkofsky and Keywell. They also created Uptake in 2014. Lefkofsky decided to step down as the CEO of Groupon in 2015. It was 2016 when Lefkofsky founded Tempus and became its CEO. It is a tech company that allows physicians to provide cancer care.

Eric Lefkofsky is also a philanthropist. He formed Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust which supports educational, scientific and charitable organizations around the globe. The foundation has funded more than fifty organizations and had a focus on children.

Lefkofsky is very active on social media. He uses the internet to update his followers about his personal life and spread good messages. His Facebook page focuses more on promoting about cancer treatment. His Twitter account spreads awareness about latest technological advancements and cancer awareness. He wrote a book with the title Accelerated Disruption which describes effects of technology on business.

Don Ressler’s Successful Business Ventures

Don Ressler is a highly successful entrepreneur who has assisted in the opening and growth of several startups. Intelligent Beauty and JustFab are simple examples of the two successful companies. He also created FitnessHeaven.com which was purchased by Intermix Media. Ressler moved forth to work with Adam Goldenberg where they founded a company known as Alena Media. The firm operated under Intermix Media. Alena Media focused on advertising and e-commerce market. The company grew to become the biggest profit opportunity for Intermix on Pando. News Corp bought Alena Media later in 2005. The two owners of the company had little control and saw their startup fade away. Don and Adam were not happy and decided to go forth and start their own business. They explored new opportunities in the online fashion space.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had adequate knowledge in online advertising. They decided to meet up to come up with their brand. They ended up brainstorming in Goldenberg’s living room along with other Alena members. After a few days, the finalized to create a startup company known as Intelligent Beauty. Even though they never knew how successful the startup would be, the two men knew that the e-commerce marketplace could not be underestimated. Ressler assisted in the growth and establishment of the company. He has always had the ability to look into outside markets that were scalable. He decided to start JustFab. See: http://ecommerce-news.internetretailer.com/nav/tags/donressler/0

JustFab is a business that focuses on a membership platform. The business is scalable because it focuses on the fashion space on TechStyle.com. JustFab has made its products desirable because they are accessible at reasonable prices. JustFab introduces discounts and offers for members from time to time. Don Ressler decided to venture into the activewear markets in 2013. He started Fabletics based on a similar model of service. Kate Hudson assisted in the establishment and advertising of Fabletics. Other companies such as Shoe Dazzle competed highly with JustFab. Don Ressler looked into this and eventually decided to purchase the company.

The starting and location of JustFab is a long and eventful adventure. The firm started in Don Ressler’s living room in Manhattan where he and Adam settle for the name Just Fabulous. The business grew on LinkedIn, and they had to move to a new location in El Segundo. El Segundo became the best place they could find. It was close to an airport and had easy access to the beach. The decided to settle for an office that was expandable. Today, JustFab has over 128,000 square feet of office space in the place.

The Remarkable Growth Of Waiakea’s Operations

Recently, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water declared a 5,000 percent growth. This huge success was registered within a period of 5 years. Over the past year alone, Waiakea water has marketed and distributed its product in 30 states in the U.S. Currently, more than 2,000 stores stock the brand. This achievement has seen the company come up with innovative ways of starting a new manufacturing unit in Hawaii. The new facility aims at meeting the product’s increasing international demand.

According to Shop Gourmet, that the company had achieved in five years. Initially, the firm would only sell a thousand cases of the product. Today, it is retailing over 120,000 cases. Additionally, Emmons noted that the company would ensure that underserved communities would benefit from a donation of 500 million liters of fresh water.

As part of its goal to persuade consumers to drink water, Waiakea, in collaboration with Pump Aid, contributes 650 liters of safe water for each liter that is sold. Its benevolent donation adds up to one third of Waiakea’s success.

Moreover, Waiakea brand has natural alkaline, is electrolyte packed, and is rich in mineral. The water is sourced from unadulterated places on the planet. It is also packaged on recycled bottles (rPET).

Emmons believes that Waiakea’s success has been brought about because of its unique approach to business. Noteworthy, Waiakea is the first premium bottled water to be certified Carbon Neutral. The company’s product embraces the tenets of sustainability, health, and ethics. Waiakea has developed a brand that makes people feel good. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://twitter.com/waiakea

On average, the corporation has been reporting a yearly growth rate of 170 percent. According to AquaGrade, Waiakea Water is valued at more than $ 10 million. In addition, the premium-bottled water can be found in leading supermarket chains across the country.

They include Wawa and Whole Foods. Given its success, the company has been planning to expand its operations to other parts of the globe.

About Waiakea

Waiakea is a top bottled water brand that was established on a triple bottom line that zeroes in on viability, well being, and philanthropic initiatives.

Waiakea Water is sourced as both rain and snow-melt on the Mauna Loa volcano. The Waiakea spring is filtered through porous volcanic rock. This situation makes the water natural. It also makes it to have a good taste.

As a top bottled water brand, Waiakea water hopes to transform the whole industry operations. This is because the company is dedicated to the idea of conserving the environment.

Since its incorporation in 2012, Waiakea water has become the most awarded bottled water brand in the U.S. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company avails water to different parts of the globe, especially in Africa.

Billy McFarland And Magnises Are Taking The Millennial Market By Storm

In order to qualify for a black American Express card, you must show you have the ability to charge more than $250,000 a year and be able to spend $7,500 for an initiation fee and $2,500 annually. In order to get a black Magnises card, you must be a Millennial that has at least $250 to spend for a membership.

Billy McFarland, the Short Hills native, and the son of two real estate developers decided his generation needed a social club that offered special perks.

In other words, if you have a black Magnises card in your wallet, you’re cool enough to hang out in Billy’s West Village townhouse and enjoy special perks like exclusive art shows, fancy dinners, and tables at the trendiest nightclubs in New York City.

At 24 years-old, Billy McFarland is the father of Magnises. Billy started Magnises in 2014 after raising $3 million in venture capital. The Bucknell University dropout, and founder of the popular online ad platform, Spling, is a Millennial marketing whiz.

The Magnises concept is up and running in New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago. Billy plans to spread the concept to London, Atlanta, LA, and Boston soon. Magnises already has 12,000 card carrying members that enjoy sports events, fine dining, and nights in trendy clubs. Members can purchase a ClubPass and a HotelPass that gives them deals that aren’t offered to non-members.

Starting a social club for Millennials was a risky endeavor, but McFarland knows the market. After all, using a Latin-sounding word like Magnises, which means absolutely nothing, is a stroke of Millennial genius.

There’s not a Baby Boomer alive that could use a word that means nothing and turn it into a business. Well, there may be a few Baby Boomers that could do that, but at this point, most of them are retired and wondering where the time went.

Billy McFardland developed a winning concept by listening to what Millennials want. Billy McFalrand’s West Village townhouse is always open. The Millennial members that work in the fashion, sports, tech, and finance world are taking advantage of the networking, food, and good times that McFarland offers them without regrets.

The Contributions Of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando started his career by volunteering at the Mercantile Exchange located in Chicago. Raj Fernando began working his way up in the company, while at the same time also working for Chicago’s Board of Trade. He founded Chopper Trading in 2002 and the company expanded in growth to over two-hundred-fifty employees. He also went to Beloit College where he received his degree in both economics and history.

Fernando was also a contributor for the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission, and gave his support for the establishment of financial markets that were honest, open, highly competitive, and rock solid. He was a panelist for the commission in 2010, and spoke of the trading practices that were so disruptive.

Fernando spoke to an audience made up of international individuals in 2013. This group was composed of shareholders and media representatives. This was an industry related event, conducted at the yearly meeting for the Rosenblatt Global Exchange. Then, Fernando sold the company Chopper Trading to DRW. This was a trading firm out of Chicago.

A new internet company called Scoutahead was founded by Fernando in 2016. The goal of this company was to promote growth and productivity in the corporate world through a communication system with advanced capabilities. Fernando is the CEO of this company.

There are many philanthropic efforts being supported by Fernando throughout the United States. He is a member of the board for the Chicago Symphony, as well as a shelter with a no-kill policy for animals called PAWS. Fernando gives his support to countless organizations who are making a substantial difference in the community. He became a member of the International Security Advisory Board in 2011. This board was the one giving advice to Hillary Clinton. Eventually he stepped down because of the amount of violence taking place in the international markets at this time.

For more information please visit http://www.marketswiki.com/wiki/Raj_Fernando