Malini Saba: A Visionary Entrepreneur on a Mission to Make the World a Better Place for Women

Malini Saba is one of the most iconic women in the business world today. Starting out, Malini faced an uphill struggle. Corrupt colleagues and competitors worked round the clock in an attempt to edge her out of the industry. She, however, fought back hard, using her money and all the other resources at her means and disposal.


A Passionate Risk-Taker with a Clear-Cut Strategy


The challenges she encountered only served to strengthen her determination and resolve to succeed. In the long run, her valiant efforts paid off brilliantly. Today, she is a revered and a respected business mogul with investments spanning many different genres. Her investments are in the energy sector, in farming and real estate as well.


From the very beginning, Saba has always been a people person.


How Malini Saba Made Her First Million


One of her premier investments was known as Stree. This is a global initiative targeting low-income earning women. The overarching objectives of the organization are to empower women with the hope that they, in turn, end up make a positive impact on their communities.


Back in the 90’s, Saba used to work in Silicon Valley. While in California, Saba sunk her teeth into companies like Paypal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. With time, her share values in these enterprises grew exponentially. That made her a very wealthy woman.


Career and Investments of Saba


Currently, she serves as the Chairman of Saban. This company mainly has interests in a broad consortium of investment niches. Saban deals with technology, oil and gas and even real estate. The portfolio of the company includes investments done all over the world.


Charity and Philanthropy


Courtesy of her company, Stree, the business magnate has been able to make healthcare accessible to multitudes of women from far-flung corners of the globe. Stree also provides legal help and assistance to needy women in Africa, Indian Eastern Europe and in India as well. Her company was in inaugurated by Bill Clinton and by The Queen of Jordan, Noor. Malini has already donated well over 10$ million for various noteworthy causes spread out across the globe.


Family Life


Saba has a daughter whom she loves dearly. She adores Steve Jobs for his fighting spirit, and she loves to read non-fiction books like Alexander the Great by John Gunther.

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