Luiz Carlos Trabuco Transforms The Technique Of Service Offering At Bradesco

Banking institutions are typically faced with the enormous challenge of ensuring that the clients are satisfied and that they will come back to receive the services. As the largest banking institution in Brazil, Bradesco is also faced with the same technicality. As a result, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has decided to launch a Personas Project where the goal is to understand the consumer behavior.

When this is achieved, it will be possible to comprehend the areas of banking that have remained untapped, and investing in such sectors will enable more clients to join the banking institution. The 66 years old Luiz Carlos Trabuco is very vibrant, and he discharges his duties like the energetic young man he was in his 20’s. His first post at the bank was that of a clerk, but he has ended up rising further up the ranks, and now he is the president of Bradesco Seguro.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco copies the method of service offering that used to be employed by his mentor Amador Aguiar. The Personas Project is an advancement of the analog techniques that used to be engaged in the past. As much as Luiz Carlos Trabuco has guided Bradesco Seguro to tower above other banking institutions, he continues to work hard to secure the success of the organization adequately.

He understands that a moment of lapsing leads to failure. For instance, Itaú Unibanco managed to outdo Bradesco Seguro in the last financial year since Itaú expanded its boundaries and acquired more assets. As a result, Itaú was named as the most prolific banking institution in Brazil due to high stock value. Currently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is working hard to ensure that the company and its branches grow organically through attracting more clients.

Since the bank’s expansion cycle is over, Luiz is capitalizing on the Personas Project to sign up more clients in its various branches of the bank all over the world. Luiz Carlos Trabuco acquired his degree certificate from the University of São Paulo, and in his entire career, he has been working at Bradesco. Since 1969, he has been involved in banking operations, and therefore, he understands how the banking system in Brazil works.

Bradesco is a large institution as it has over 5,500 branches. Therefore, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has to be apt in the process of service offering if he intends to lead the bank to greater success. Bradesco’s stock has a high value at Wall Street, and this is due to the excellent performance of the institution in different sectors of the global economy. Luiz Carlos Trabuco attributes the success of the bank to the team of individuals that works under his guidance.

Additionally, he acknowledges that the success of the bank would not be possible without the input of the clients as they are the ones who sustain every banking institution. Bradesco currently has over 26 million clients, and progress requires a clear understanding of how the client base behaves. As a result, the organization will be able to expand into different regions of the world where there is an excellent potential for growth.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco encourages leaders from other institutions to develop infrastructure within the country, and in exchange, they will be offered long-term credit. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s greatness in the banking industry has come with significant recognition, and even the president of Brazil seeks advice from Luiz Carlos Trabuco on matters of national investment.

Luiz takes risks, and he believes that whenever there exists an opportunity in life, then there is a reward. Therefore, he has led the institution to become successful in different areas of the Brazilian economy where it has made investments through careful implementation of strategies.

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