Lacey and Larkin: Speak out against the decision to pardon Arpaio by Trump

Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin are prominent reporters that have created steadfast results in numerous areas of civil liberties in Arizona. They have established the Frontera Fund with contributions from a law suit that followed their detainment from Joe Arpaio. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The formidable sheriff had been in charge of Maricopa County for more than twenty years. This led to some of the most difficult circumstances for migrant workers and immigrants alike.

He was known for his rampant discrimination as well as interest in deportation multiple businesses that were thought to employ undocumented individuals were the particular target of Joe Arpaio’s private police force. This led to some oft he most detestable actions where people were held captive and did not receive fair trial or treatment.

He was known to misuse power, but is not required to face the consequences because of the recent decision of Donald Trump. Trump has been an important and influential person in light of Arpaio case.

Numerous allegations were provided against him. However the consequences were removed due to the presidential pardon. Many say that this is not just and that greater attention to the violation of law need to follow.

Some of the problems that are seen in this have to do with corruption. Donald Trump was supported by Arpaio to a great degree based on the way that he received the GOP nomination.

By supporting him in early years it is evident that there was a budding relationship between the two for more than a year. Arpaio was even a significant contributor to the Trump campaign. Nevertheless, the results are detestable as Arpaio had pending allegations and law suits on multiple accounts.

Since there were so many different ways that civil liberties were impeded by Arpaio, residents of Maricopa County are dismayed that the cases against him have been forgiven. Lacey and Larkin too have demonstrated that there are considerable adversities created by Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Overall the way that Arpaio has acted has resulted in improper treatment of thousands of people, death as well as illness and situations that many will never recover from.

Even though he has been an important part of the way that civil liberties are undermined in recent year, the charges are no longer pending on him and its possible that he won’t have to go to prison or face any real consequences. Ultimately, the Frontera Fund was established based on the way that Arpaio’s actions were determined to be in violation of the first amendment in years past.

However, this decision has not been followed up with influential legal action in recent years. This speaks to the way that corruption is rampant throughout the democratic system and may have yielded negative results for other parts of the country where similar behavior takes place.

Ultimately, the Frontera Fund aims to improve the way that migrant workers and immigrants can access litigation assistance.

This is more important now than ever, since the harmful actions of Arpaio have gone without reprimand. The future of civil liberties is based on a better quality of support at large.