Kim Dao Goes KPop

Popular beauty and lifestyle Youtuber Kim Dao is also well known for her Japanese focused vlogs. In one of her most recent videos, she recorded her experience attending South Korean group HIGH4’s concert in Aoyama, Japan. Joining her was her friend and fellow Youtuber Sunnydahye. Since Sunnydahye is friends with the KPop group, they left for the concert early to meet backstage.


After a long trek uphill toward the concert arena, Kim Dao and Sunnydahye stopped to grab snacks and refreshments. Backstage at the concert, they met the group members and bonded over Pokemon. A short montage of the concert followed featuring a mellow pop sound interlaced with rapping.


As the concert wrapped up, Kim Dao and Sunnydahye left for Shibuya to rest up. At a cafe, Kim Dao ordered a milk tea, and Sunnydahye had a ham and cheese bread. They happened to be at a hot spot for Pokemon GO activities, which they proceeded to relish in. They then made their way to Shin Okubo Station to meet up with one of the group members to show him through Korea Town.


Eager for more food, they entered a restaurant for a relaxing dinner. Some of the orders placed were cheese mochi, yakitori, edamame, gyoza, and takoyaki. Next they headed to a store featuring an array of products similar to a dollar store.


Back at home, Kim Dao detailed their experience being packed in a late train.


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