Jim Hunt Claims Making Mum A Millionaire Is Simple

So is making mum a millionaire simple? Well, Jim Hunt from VTA Publications seems to have the formula worked out by which he can do that. Hunt is an investment professional based in the UK who has mastered stock trades, futures, and other money movements. His goal has been to make stock trading and forex simple for the average joe, by giving tutorials on how to navigate through stock charts, and which kinds of investments you should make at what time.

He’s taught his readers on how to make a profit when the market is about to take a downturn, something he claims is how big billionaires like George Soros have been able to do under that circumstance. But more recently, he’s out to prove that you can make your “mum” a millionaire by finding the right kinds of stocks to trade. Jim Hunt says on Twitter that it doesn’t take a heavy investment, but something like 1,000 pounds that are invested in the surging stocks, and when you trade them at the right time, you can double their value repeatedly and after 10 trades, your mother will be a millionaire.

Hunt works for a UK economics and business education company called VTA Publications.  The topics they cover including learning about using stock charts, finding the hidden futures options and strategies for your investments, and using the bible as a guide for your retirement. And if that wasn’t enough, VTA Publications is connected with some of the most brilliant business minds from all around the world that they have come in to speak at seminars and conferences. Customers can purchase VTA’s course materials as well as the seminar sessions at www.vtapublications.co.uk, and VTA will ship them to just about any country in the world.

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