Jed McCaleb and Steller Venture

The business world is always changing, and one mistake should enable entrepreneurs to learn and correct it in the future avoiding any failures. That is the same case with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Jed McCaleb is known for being actively involved in the blockchain, and he has so far made a lot of contribution in the business. He created the first Bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox, and he has continued to work hard to ensure he is entirely in the industry.


According to Jed McCaleb, he has been putting effort to create excellent products that would be offering proper service to people. That why he began a venture called Stellar. The business is essential as it is intended to help people to trade in a network. Through the platform, there is an increased potential for traders to get the best opportunities on the online platform. Jed McCaleb has broad knowledge in technical programming and is good in coding. He used his skills in coding to discover a gap in the financial world and decided to fix the gap. According to, he decided to start Stellar which he believes will fix this gap in the financial sector. With Joyce Kim, a co-founder, they have begun Stellar Development, a foundation which has the aim of becoming a universal financial network useful to anyone anywhere. They also have which is not an organization for making a profit. They use this platform to offer free services concerning financial literacy. You can also learn how you can increase your leads through technology.

Its inception

When CNBC interviewed him, he revealed that he decided to start Stellar came from the proper understanding Jed McCaleb has about cryptocurrency and blockchain. He also used the technology behind Bitcoin to discover tremendous and potential solutions in the financial sector. He was privileged to see what others could not see at the moment. While many saw that Bitcoin could be a network to be used as an alternative form of currency, Jed McCaleb saw another use for Bitcoin. He was happy to discover he could connect people and achieve value. It is a realization that inspired Jed to start Stellar, and it was a golden opportunity.

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