How Richard Shinto has driven InnovaCare Health to Success

Dr. Richard Shinto acts as the CEO and president of the healthcare provider. He is also referred to as Rick Shinto. He has served as a clinical and operational professional in managed care for more than 20 years. Shinto was the chief executive officer of Aveta Inc. before he was offered a job at InnovaCare. He has also had an opportunity to work for renowned healthcare providers such as Medical Pathways Management Company, MedPartners, Cal-Optima Health Plan, and NAMM California. The doctor’s hard work was recognized during his time at Aveta Inc, and he was designated as the Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The main aim of the awards was to recognize the excellent performance of professionals in fields such as innovation, financial operations, and personal dedication to their enterprises. In 2014, he was also offered the Access to Caring Award.

Rick Shinto revealed that three more members had joined the executive of the company in July 2016. Penelope Kokkinides was appointed as the chief administrative officer, Mike Sorti assumed the role of the chief accounting officer, and Jonathan Meyers became the company’s chief actuary officer. According to Dr. Shinto, Penelope will assist in bettering the integrity and expertise of the organization. She has a 20 years’ experience in handling government products such as Medicare and Medicaid as well as managed care. Learn more at Businesswire.

InnovaCare Health is regarded as one of North America’s leading providers of healthcare services. It is based in Puerto Rico. The firm is devoted to ensuring that it develops healthy relationships with patients by offering the best medical services. It has been fulfilling its aim of providing healthcare models that are cost effective, sustainable and based on technology by using Medicare and Medicaid programs. InnovaCare currently has over 200,000 members, and it offers them MMM HealthCare and PMC Medicare Choice. The firm works with 7500 providers who are devoted to ensuring that its clients are fully satisfied. It also deals with two Medicaid plans that have been integrated in Puerto Rico’s Government Health Plan.

The healthcare company currently works with HHS Initiative to assist it in bettering its payment models. The joint effort between the two firms involves Learning and Action Network (LAN). The LAN acts through a collaboration between the private and public sectors that are devoted to creating a payment plan that embraces quality instead of quantity. The organization has currently come up with objectives that will facilitate reforms and offer constant updates to LAN. Read this article about InnovaCare at Yahoo Finance