How Human Rights Groups are Fighting Back in Arizona

People from indigenous communities are discriminated upon because of prejudice and racial profiling. This usually results from a lack of proper legal representation and leads to unjust prison sentences.

The Arizona Justice Project was started to address this issue. They represent inmates in the state of Arizona who have not been judged in a just manner even though they are innocent. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook

Their clients range from inmates with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to juveniles who have been punished excessively. The Arizona Justice Project also fights for the rights of inmates who have deadly diseases and are not getting the proper care that they deserve. It is easy for the rights of these groups to be infringed because their voices are overlooked.

The officials of the human rights group act on the belief that the freedom of everybody is threatened when injustice is done to one person. That is why they work to fight for the rights of marginalized persons who are treated unjustly.

The group works together with expert investigators, law schools, and lawyers in order to accomplish this task. These parties help in collecting evidence and compiling witness accounts to make strong cases for the defendants.

The Arizona Justice Project is involved in more than thirty litigation cases in courts at the moment. Michael and Jim publish a newsletter aimed at providing information about several issues.

They are able to inform people about the outcome of cases and to keep legal representatives updated on various developments through the newsletter. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

The Center for Neighborhood Leadership is an organization that was started to build up underrepresented communities in Phoenix, Arizona. CNL undertakes various projects to achieve its mission including fostering safety in schools and planting orchards and gardens in the area.

These projects require the collective contribution of everyone in the community and breeds unity. They offer a scholarship program that is provided to student leaders from colleges and universities.

Michael and Jim decided to start a fund with the settlement money that they received When they won a suit against the county government. The two journalists had been arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for their discovery of court orders that asked for the identity of certain citizens to be revealed.

They were arrested in October 2007 at night and were taken to jail. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund will support human and civil rights groups. It will be based in Arizona.

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