End Citizens United Watches Rick Scott As Campaign Contributions Hold Hidden Agendas

Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, is facing charges of medicare fraud that allegedly happened in 1997 while he was CEO of Columbia/HCA. The company paid a historic figure of 1.7 billion resulting from the FBI investigation that took place in improper billing practices. Scott refuses to take responsibility as he casts blame on another business partner and he also pleads the fifth amendment during the court hearing.

End Citizens United watches his campaigns closely. End Citizens United’s goal is to get a handle on the use of campaign monies and the corruption that can be found when hefty campaign contributions are used for influential gain. ECU was formed in 2015. End Citizens United wants to prevent the influential power that money can have in the electoral process among the candidates.

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ECU is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The president of ECU is Tiffany Muller and the Vice President is Matt Burgess. End Citizens United is examining the New Republican PAC. What this showed was how donations were received by private equity executives and how they benefited from Rick Scott’s decisions on pension funds investments. The investigation has shown that over $3 million in fees was benefited from the investments. End Citizens United wants to make sure that political decisions aren’t swayed by monetary means from wealthy corporations and individuals that gain something in return.

Rick Scott decided to run for Bill Nelson’s seat creating some conflict. It has been voiced by Adam Bozzi who feels Scott’s campaign run will result in failure as the people of Florida already don’t trust anyone that is only looking out for himself and his political agenda. Bozzi suggests that the ECU do a deeper investigation because current evidence is already showing political corruption within Scott’s campaign funding.

Its a race in the political campaigns between Scott and Senator Nelson. Each candidate needs Florida in order to gain the majority vote in 2018. Senator Nelson states that he feels Scott will do what ever he needs to do in order to be elected. But Senator Nelson also knows that holding to truth and doing the right thing will prevail in the future. Each party has already spent in excess of over $200 million on their campaigns, but with Scott’s financial status, he could spend up to millions of dollars out of his personal funds to put towards his campaign.

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