Dr. David Samadi Enunciates Why He Established a Prostate Cancer Support Group

     Dr. David Samadi of Lenox Hill Hospital has been treating prostate cancer patients for many years. His passion for offering assistance to prostate cancer victims saw him establish a prostate cancer support group that is set to commence operations this month. He envisions a support group that will offer emotional guidance and information about prostate cancer to patients, their family members, and men who beat the disease.

According to Dr. David Samadi, there are many reasons why he established the prostate cancer support group. He believes that it is torturous for a man to go through a stressful phase of life caused by a disease all by himself. A prostate cancer patient needs people around him to offer moral support. The group will enable people living with prostate cancer to come together and share ideas, experiences, and offer moral support to each other. A support group offers a conducive atmosphere for patients to share whatever they harbor with people who understand them and who they trust that they can keep a secret.

Dr. David Samadi encourages men to visit a prostate cancer specialist at least once a year. He stresses that a prostate cancer screening also known as a prostate-specific antigen or PSA is crucial for early detection and treatment of a disease which has emerged as the number two cause of death in males. When detected early, prostate cancer can be dealt with in a number of ways, and the chances of survival are substantially increased.

Dr. David Samadi is focused on creating a support group that will comprise of patients, family members, and friends who are passionate about defeating prostate cancer. He bets on men with prostate cancer or men who have healed from prostate cancer dispensing advice to newly diagnosed men and their family members. Dr. David Samadi encourages anyone who wishes to get involved with the Lenox Hill Hospital prostate cancer support group to contact (212) 365-5000 for more information.

Dr. David Samadi is a renowned medical practitioner with vast experience in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer. He is respected for his knowledge in the minimally invasive treatment of prostate cancer. Presently, he is Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Dr. David Samadi is an immigrant from Iran. He studied in Belgium and England before moving the U.S. In the US, he attended high school and pursued higher education.

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