Don Ressler’s Successful Business Ventures

Don Ressler is a highly successful entrepreneur who has assisted in the opening and growth of several startups. Intelligent Beauty and JustFab are simple examples of the two successful companies. He also created which was purchased by Intermix Media. Ressler moved forth to work with Adam Goldenberg where they founded a company known as Alena Media. The firm operated under Intermix Media. Alena Media focused on advertising and e-commerce market. The company grew to become the biggest profit opportunity for Intermix on Pando. News Corp bought Alena Media later in 2005. The two owners of the company had little control and saw their startup fade away. Don and Adam were not happy and decided to go forth and start their own business. They explored new opportunities in the online fashion space.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had adequate knowledge in online advertising. They decided to meet up to come up with their brand. They ended up brainstorming in Goldenberg’s living room along with other Alena members. After a few days, the finalized to create a startup company known as Intelligent Beauty. Even though they never knew how successful the startup would be, the two men knew that the e-commerce marketplace could not be underestimated. Ressler assisted in the growth and establishment of the company. He has always had the ability to look into outside markets that were scalable. He decided to start JustFab. See:

JustFab is a business that focuses on a membership platform. The business is scalable because it focuses on the fashion space on JustFab has made its products desirable because they are accessible at reasonable prices. JustFab introduces discounts and offers for members from time to time. Don Ressler decided to venture into the activewear markets in 2013. He started Fabletics based on a similar model of service. Kate Hudson assisted in the establishment and advertising of Fabletics. Other companies such as Shoe Dazzle competed highly with JustFab. Don Ressler looked into this and eventually decided to purchase the company.

The starting and location of JustFab is a long and eventful adventure. The firm started in Don Ressler’s living room in Manhattan where he and Adam settle for the name Just Fabulous. The business grew on LinkedIn, and they had to move to a new location in El Segundo. El Segundo became the best place they could find. It was close to an airport and had easy access to the beach. The decided to settle for an office that was expandable. Today, JustFab has over 128,000 square feet of office space in the place.

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  1. Don Ressler is a well known innovator in the fashion business and his ventures tend to be striving very well under his leadership as we can see with JustFab. Probably should be our guild i defining the type of personality he is and what he is doing that others are not that is making his ventures talk of the town. He has been able to redefine the fashion industry with his ideas and some of his innovations with Fabletics has made the brand compete with the mighty Amazon.

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