DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Talks About How He Got Started In Real Estate

DAMAC Properties is a property development firm headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC owner and is its chairman of the board. He studied at the University of Washington and has degrees in industrial engineering and economics. A few years after returning to Dubai he established a catering venture which now serves more than 150,000 meals each day.

Hussain Sajwani established his property development company in 2002. As DAMAC owner he has built it into a huge company with developments in several countries. His specialty is luxury properties and his primary market is wealthy foreigners who want to purchase properties in the Middle East. He is now listed as one of the 100 most globally influential Arabs in the world due to his leadership skills.

He says that long before becoming the DAMAC owner he helped out his father in their family business. Hussain Sajwani learned about entrepreneurship from this experience and he learned how to take calculated risks. He says that when he was going to college, for instance, he had a job on the side where he sold time-share apartments. He earned quite a bit of money from this and saved most of it. He used these savings to establish his catering venture. When he became interested in real estate he started out developing some small hotels and used the money from that to develop towers in some of the most sought out neighborhoods of Dubai.

According to bezaat.com, Sajwani, being the DAMAC owner means attending a lot of business meetings. Hussain Sajwani says that he regularly meets with his management team to discuss new projects and everything else going on with DAMAC Properties. He also has meetings with other people in the business community and uses these to build up his network of contacts. He says that contacts are extremely important in his line of work.

Hussain Sajwani has always been great at marketing. What really interests him now is digital marketing, especially marketing on social media sites. He likes that there can be a back and forth on these sites between the people running a company and their customers.

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