DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Reveals A Couple Of His Personal Secrets For Success

Hussain Sajwani is the Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, and he has been working in the real estate industry for a good part of his life. As one of the pioneers of Dubai property market expansion that took place in 2002, the DAMAC owner knew there were opportunities just waiting to be taken advantage of in the market, and he did just that. Today, DAMAC Properties develops properties in a number of global cities and has developed more than 44,000 units. Sajwani is now listed as one of the top billionaires in the Middle East and has also been called one of the 100 most globally influential Arabs.

In an article from the awaan.ae,  it says that the DAMAC owner brings a lot of his ideas to life by imagining what Dubai will look like in a decade or two from now. As a calculated risk taker, he invests in opportunities that have the potential of becoming something great. Instead of paying attention to his fears, Hussain Sajwani focuses on pushing forward and working with whatever economical climate happens to be the current one. In Sajwani’s website, he has talked about his love of traveling in interviews and has said that it opens him up and expands his horizons. When traveling, he gets to see things from many different aspects.

Hussain Sajwani was asked recently to talk about the worst job he has ever had. The DAMAC owner talked about his time after graduating from the University of Washington where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. It was then that he worked for a larger company in its finance department. During his time with the company, he realized that he could make plenty of money by striking out on his own. According to Al Jazeera, he now remembers that time fondly, because if it wasn’t for that job, which he didn’t like at all, he might not have discovered what it was he disliked. Doing so guided him towards doing the things he truly had a passion for. Today, he does just that, and through his company, he has built some of the most beautiful luxury property developments in the entire world.

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