Doe Deere is the Iconic Unicorn

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics which is one of the top cosmetic brands in the industry. Lime Crime offers a variety of bold, fun, expressive lip and eye products that are both long lasting and very pigmented. When Doe created Lime Crime cosmetics she never could have imagined it would become as popular as it is today.


Doe Deere originally began in the fashion industry creating her own line of colorful fun fashion items. In 2008 she opened her first eBay store and began selling her creative and unique fashion pieces. In an attempt to stay within the colorful brand Deere set out to find colorful bright makeup to match her creative fashion sense. Finding very little on the market Deere decided to create her own line of bold, bright, and creative colors and so Lime Crime Cosmetics was born.


Deer launched Lime Crime just a few short weeks before Halloween in 2008. She was one of the first cosmetic industry leaders to mainly sell on a digital scale. This not only made it easier and cheaper but it also allowed her to reach a bigger fan base. Before long people all over the world were ordering her bright moisturizing lipsticks. Lime Crime is still widely available online and can even be found in many stores.


In 2009 Deere released her iconic unicorn Packaging and the brand became even more popular. She began offering a variety of fun and creative colors such as mint, blue, and even black lipstick. She was able to appeal to a variety of women who just couldn’t find bold expressive colors on the market. The Unicorn lipstick is still available today in the same adorable Packaging and is one of Lime Crimes top selling products of all time. Deere has created some of the most revolutionary makeup products on the market today including makeup cult favorites such as liquid lipstick and even richly pigmented super foil eyeshadows.


Till this day Doe Deere continues to work to create Innovative and fun beauty products for women and even men all over the world. Her line of lip products as well as eyeliners and eyeshadows not only offer a fun way to express yourself but they are also cruelty free. Since the beginning Deere has always made it a mission to offer cruelty free and vegan friendly products. She continues to strive everyday to ensure her products include no animals and no animal by-products. She has been backed by Peta as well as Leaping Bunny which are two of the industry leaders in fighting for animal rights. Deere will continue to work to provide the most Innovative, creative and Earth friendly products.

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What’s Trending in Cosmetics Right Now?

For years, major conglomerates ruled the cosmetic industry, often making it difficult for customers to stray from the well-established norms. However, with the rise of internet sales and social media, small-scale cosmetic proprietors and celebrity entrepreneurs are making waves like never before. Months ago, Kylie Jenner made news after repeatedly selling out of her exotic lipstick kits, but she isn’t the first to do so. Years prior, Russian-born entrepreneur Doe Deere was selling out of the candy-colored “Unicorn” lipsticks produced by her brand, Lime Crime. Like Jenner, Deere’s success may be part entrepreneurial, part fame.

Deere maintains several lines of communication with her fan base through social media. Most notably, Deere’s Instagram page has over 400 thousand followers, who shower Doe daily with compliments on her makeup and fashion choices. Deere frequently posts images of herself, “The Unicorn Queen,” wearing her own cosmetics alongside fiercely colored hair and one-of-a-kind clothing ensembles. Her fans are located all over and even outside of the country. For Deere, running a strictly internet based company means she can focus on attracting like-minded customers, without having to worry about stocking inventory in brick-and-mortar stores.

From a young age, Deere has shown a deep appreciation for cosmetics. They allowed her to be creative and express herself as an individual. However, she often found it difficult to find shades that matched her homemade clothes. As a personal solution, she dreamt up Lime Crime. Originally, she sold very limited edition lipsticks from an Etsy page. However, she quickly outgrew the platform. Today, her business runs out of a busy office in Los Angeles, California.

For consumers looking for affordable, high-quality cosmetics, the internet makes shopping as easy as possible. Moreover, for those seeking to achieve an individual look, cosmetic lines like Doe Deere are happy to provide the artistic supplies. Unlike traditional products, internet-only brands more easily ridiculed by consumers, who have the ability to post reviews and criticism directly to their websites or social media accounts. Lime Crime offers consumers an interesting and ethically sound option. On top of being a small business, the line is both cruelty-free and vegan. So if you’d like to sport a rainbow of color without hurting your wallet or anything else for that matter, give Lime Crime a try!

Lime Crime: Unique Self Expression

Doe Deere
Doe Deere: Successful Entrepreneur
When it comes to being an entrepreneur, there are a lot of skills you need to know if you want to have a success. But most of all, you need to be passionate about the business you’re creating, it’s cause and purpose and how you can be an inspiration for others to follow your lead. Doe Deere has mastered her craft in her business ventures- she found major success with her company, Lime Crime, a beautifully bold collection of cosmetics. Following her true passion allowed her to start up a business that is full of creativity, inspiration and color. She is proof that it is one of the biggest skills needed to own a successful company.

The Dream
Originally Doe had other aspirations, but she always had high hopes for finding her own success and showed entrepreneurial skill from the time she was a teenager. When she moved from Russia to America, she hoped to become a musician with her husband. She had a passion for music, but she loved self expression too much to follow through with that aspiration. When she started her own collection of makeup, she used big pops of color. During this time, color was not in most makeup palettes, and the look was au natural. She saw an opportunity to stand out in the industry and she made quite the lasting impression.

Talking With Doe
In a recent interview, Doe discusses her journey to success and how she used her creativity and self expression to help inspire others. Using color in your makeup palette is a great way to express your true self and what makes you feel beautiful. Doe is a major inspiration to people everywhere. If you see her on Instagram you will not her bold sense of style and how beautifully confident she is. She believes in self expression and wants other to believe in it too. Her passion for the color got her to where she is today and she is hope for many who want to follow their creative passions as well. Lime Crime can be viewed and purchased online. One thing is for sure- you will never find another line of cosmetics quite like this one!

Malini Saba: A Visionary Entrepreneur on a Mission to Make the World a Better Place for Women

Malini Saba is one of the most iconic women in the business world today. Starting out, Malini faced an uphill struggle. Corrupt colleagues and competitors worked round the clock in an attempt to edge her out of the industry. She, however, fought back hard, using her money and all the other resources at her means and disposal.


A Passionate Risk-Taker with a Clear-Cut Strategy


The challenges she encountered only served to strengthen her determination and resolve to succeed. In the long run, her valiant efforts paid off brilliantly. Today, she is a revered and a respected business mogul with investments spanning many different genres. Her investments are in the energy sector, in farming and real estate as well.


From the very beginning, Saba has always been a people person.


How Malini Saba Made Her First Million


One of her premier investments was known as Stree. This is a global initiative targeting low-income earning women. The overarching objectives of the organization are to empower women with the hope that they, in turn, end up make a positive impact on their communities.


Back in the 90’s, Saba used to work in Silicon Valley. While in California, Saba sunk her teeth into companies like Paypal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. With time, her share values in these enterprises grew exponentially. That made her a very wealthy woman.


Career and Investments of Saba


Currently, she serves as the Chairman of Saban. This company mainly has interests in a broad consortium of investment niches. Saban deals with technology, oil and gas and even real estate. The portfolio of the company includes investments done all over the world.


Charity and Philanthropy


Courtesy of her company, Stree, the business magnate has been able to make healthcare accessible to multitudes of women from far-flung corners of the globe. Stree also provides legal help and assistance to needy women in Africa, Indian Eastern Europe and in India as well. Her company was in inaugurated by Bill Clinton and by The Queen of Jordan, Noor. Malini has already donated well over 10$ million for various noteworthy causes spread out across the globe.


Family Life


Saba has a daughter whom she loves dearly. She adores Steve Jobs for his fighting spirit, and she loves to read non-fiction books like Alexander the Great by John Gunther.