William Saito World Renowned Cyber Security Expert

William Saito is known for his financial expertise in the field of cybersecurity and has helped many cybersecurity companies achieve a great height of success throughout his career. William Saito feels that it is essential for the start-ups not to feel let down by the sluggish financial market and continue to pursue their goal. In an interview to media recently, William Saito said that it is essential for the entrepreneurs and companies to feel the heat because it is during the difficult times that the real companies that have value to provide to its end users can survive. It is during tough times that the competition wears off by itself, ensuring that the company with real products and services thrive.


William Saito has had a long and successful career over the years and was formerly the chief advisor to the government of Japan in the matters of cybersecurity. William Saito also worked as the vice chairman of the Palo Alto before joining the government of Japan. He is also the board member of the famous World Economic Forum. William Saito is also the venture capitalist in Japan and has invested in many Japanese start-ups, and provided them with the much-needed guidance to grow. William Saito feels that the business culture in the east and the west is vastly different, and one of the primary differences is that the entrepreneurs in the direction are more receptive to failure in a positive manner. However, people in the east are highly sensitive to crashes and feel that it is the end of their journey.


William Saito has completed his graduation from the University of California and was born in Los Angeles, California. William Saito has learned a lot during his college years in the United States, and being a Japanese immigrant in the United States, helped him witness both the cultures and figure out the difference as well as the pros and cons. It is the positive values that he tried to pick from both the customs and believes that the entrepreneurs in the east should be open to the challenges they come across when beginning their journey into the world of start-ups. Business is never going to be stagnant or not challenging, and there would always be ups and downs, and the entrepreneurs have to be able to face the challenges without getting easily disappointed. William Saito has also worked with Japan Airlines as the digital innovation promotion in the past.