Canvassing with NGP VAN

Canvassing has always been a tradition for politicians. During a campaign season, politicians will go from door to door in order to interact with voters. They try to reach out to voters in this manner. By canvassing they are able to get in touch with voters and find out what is on the voter’s minds.

Traditionally, canvassing has been time-consuming and involved much paperwork. This has been revamped with technology. The technology uses what is called digital canvassing. Digital canvassing works with and for the candidate. Candidates are able to track voter interests easier. They are also able to target their canvassing campaigns toward the voter and what the voter wants.

NGP VAN puts a technology to work for canvassers. NGP VAN and Mini Van are technology that offers a digital way to canvass. Canvassers get their itinerary on their smartphone device. They then go their route and input answers from voters right into their smartphone. This makes the canvassing so much more expedited.

NGP VAN and Mini Van are making it easier, less time consuming and more efficient for the democratic party to canvass. In the past canvassing meant needing to take the time to map out routes for the canvassers. Also, canvassers had to input the voter’s responses to the questions manually. This was time-consuming and cost the Democratic candidates much money.

Candidates are now spending less time preparing for a canvass, and more time canvassing. Canvassing with NGP VAN and Mini Van can be a more effective way of canvassing. Candidates know ahead of time what issues are important to voters along the route of a canvass. They then give the canvassers specific questions related to the voter’s important issues. This can have a great effect on a canvass run. Canvassers know to pinpoint certain issues the candidate has.