WEN Works On Fine Hair

Chaz Dean is the creator of WEN Hair conditioning cleanser. Many women have found that WEN conditioning cleanser is a great cleanser for their hair. Since there have been so many different individuals that have fallen in love with this product, Emily MCclure from The Bustle decided to have her own test on this condition cleanser. Many women may wonder who is Chaz Dean, and they also might wonder how he came up with the idea to create WEN conditioning cleanser. Chaz Dean is an individual who worked in photography for many years. Dean fell in love with beauty and with everything that goes into the process of becoming beautiful. He began to take an interest in hair, and he decided to study cosmetology.

After working in some of the most popular hair salons in California, Dean found that the majority of hair care products were lacking. He decided to get together with some like-minded individuals, and he wanted to create a superior product. He wanted his product to be able to cleanse, condition, and style hair all in one product. Dean’s clients absolutely loved his product, and that is when he had the idea to make it available to more women.

Emily McClure from The Bustle has medium length fine hair; she wanted to see how well the QVC advertised WEN conditioning cleansing would work on her hair. McClure decided to test run the product for one week to see how it worked. McClure found many things that she loved about the products, and there were some things that she did not love. She didn’t like was that if she skipped a day of washing her hair, and then her hair would be greasy and weighed down. McClure absolutely loved the fact that WEN conditioner gave her hair body and sheen. She also received compliments from family and friends about how shiny her hair looked.

McClure decided that WEN conditioning cleanser is good for women with thin hair. WEN conditioning cleanser offers an affordable solution (http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589) to hair care. It gives the shine, body, and manageability of any hair care products, but it is made without the chemicals and dyes that many other hair care products have.