Josh Verne is Helping Brands to Attract Young Consumers through FlockU

Millennials are among the biggest group of consumers across the globe. In a bid to make more sales and become market leaders, most brands target the young consumers. This demographic of young shoppers has $200 billion for expenditure. Therefore, it is imperative for brands to focus on earning their loyalty to create the platform for long-term relevance. Nowadays, most college-aged consumers make their shopping decisions.

Hard to winIrrespective of their size and relevance, college-aged consumers are hard to win over because of their unique needs and expectations, which diverge from all generation groups that have preceded them. Brands that desire to win the Millennials must have a perfect understanding of what the young shoppers are looking for in brands, and they must learn to speak their language before opening any conversation. The System ID’s Director of Marketing, Brian Sutter, said that the young generation perfectly understands traditional advertising and marketing.

About FlockU

What is fashionable today can be outdated tomorrow, so a unique firm called FlockU enables brands to attract young consumers leveraging trendy marketing styles. FlockU is a peer-to-peer content exchange program managed by college students and targeting college students. FlockU’s practical marketing strategies allow brands to reach out to 18-24-year-old young consumers. Since its inception earlier in 2016, the firm has over 700,000 members, with about four million web hits on a monthly basis. Josh Verne is the founder of FlockU.

Facts about Josh Verne

Josh Verne is a leader in the corporate arena who has helped many individuals and corporations in establishing profitable businesses. On several occasions, he has advised ambitious young entrepreneurs to work smart rather than hard. He encourages them to be strong team players in their places of work. Verne has established several successful businesses such as, a Philadelphia-based startup that runs an e-commerce site with more than 50,000 brand name items. It enables shoppers to purchase furniture, computers, as well as other goods. In 2014, the Global Analytics based in San Diego acquired

Immediately after completing his high school education in 1995, Verne started out in the warehouse department of his family distribution business. After rising through ranks and holding influential positions, Verne enforced a sequence of strategic plans positioning his firm at the forefront in the world of furniture distribution.