Fabletics Brand is Growing despite the Tough Competition

Consumer purchases have changed in the modern times. Currently, most of the purchases made are determined by the power of the crowd. Before deciding to purchase a product, most people will first look at the reviews of other people so that they can be sure of the product or service in question. The clients trust the reviews they will read on a company website as well as the personal recommendation received from friends and relatives. Some of the most successful modern brands in the market have realized this secret, and they are using it as the dominant marketing strategy for their companies.


Fabletics is currently one of the brands that have shocked people in the international community because of their success in the competitive market. Fabletics was brought into the market in 2013 by two businessmen, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. When these two investors were starting the activewear company, they did not know that it would turn out to be one of the top giants in the highly competitive online market. In less than five years, this wonderful brand has managed to register a 200% growth. According to the company website, the institution has collected more than $235 million revenue since it was established. The success of the company is believed to be as a result of customer reviews.


Fabletics leadership has realized that consumers no longer consider the price and quality of a product when making a purchase, especially for the first time. The fashion brand has been depending on the prominence of customer reviews in its successful journey. The founders of the institution have been in the market for several years, and they have learned that consumer reviews have a huge impact when it comes to increasing the consumer acquisition in any company. Customer retention and loyalty depend on the reviews posted online.


Most people in the modern times live digital lives, and this means that they can only use online reviews to make crucial decisions. A lot of research is done online before a customer decides the company they will purchase their products from. The success of most brands in the market are influenced by the kind of reviews posted.


When Don Ressler and his friend decided to start the fashion company, they felt that they needed an influential person who could take the brand to better and higher levels. After a lot of discussions, the friends chose Kate Hudson to become a partner and assist in marketing the products. Kate Hudson is not just an ordinary star in the country. Kate’s great personality has assisted the company a lot. The actor and mother of two motivate women in the society to work hard in the gym and at the same time take care of their looks.


Before purchasing the products from Fabletics, it is paramount for all customers to take the lifestyle quiz that is conducted by fashion experts at the company. By answering the questions, the company understands its customers, and it can send them the right designs every month.

Kate Hudson’s Successful Leadership of Fabletics

Celebrity driven brands are a dime a dozen and many represent licensing arrangements rather than honest to goodness celebrity involvement. The athleisure brand Fabletics is one of the celebrity-helmed companies with a famous face that is actually performing the duties of a CEO. The co-founder of this popular brand continues to be involved in the day-to-day running of the company and has shared some of the knowledge that she gleaned in a recent article published by CNBC.com in April of this year.


The reverse showroom model has proved very effective for the brand and now in addition to the online subscription service that they offer, the brand will continue to expand its number of stores. By offering its customers the ability to browse products both online and in real life, Fabletics keeps its members engaged.


The actress/entrepreneur explains that the birth of Fabletics came with the realization that many Americans are concerned with their health and that there was a gap in the availability of reasonably priced workout wear that was stylish. She set about to fill this gap with gear that is cute and stylish while also holding up to frequent washings and rigorous workouts.


Once Hudson decided to pursue this venture, there was no stopping her. She sites marketing opportunities that are acted upon with a nimble business process as one of the keys to the brand’s huge success. This is coupled with the importance that big data plays in the ongoing modifications that are made to the business model. All this happens under the watchful eye of the co-founder who has maintained a very keen eye on all of the business’ operations, even reviewing sales figures on a weekly basis at a minimum.


Hudson draws a lot of inspiration from her mother, fellow actress Goldie Hawn. It is through their relationship that Kate is innovating and keeping her products fresh. This venture is a truly meaningful and successful endeavor for Hudson and as Fabletics continues to grow in both size and scope, she looks forward to keeping her customers engaged and happy with the Fabletics brand. In fact, she has worked with the Fabletics team to create an online quiz that helps customers determine which of the many Fabletics products are the best for them based on their lifestyle and fashion tastes. Take the quiz today to see what great Fabletics gear is best for you!

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Outperforming Amazon

In just four short years, movie star Kate Hudson has managed to turn her athletic apparel company Fabletics into a fashion business phenomenon. The company is currently valued at over $250 million and outperforms online retail giant Amazon’s fashion department.


Hudson launched Fabletics during the rise of the “athleisure” trend that incorporates workout apparel into everyday wear. For years before Hudson created Fabletics, she could be seen on her Instagram account wearing fashionable sports bras and leggings.


The Fabletics website offers hundreds of workout and athleisure apparel items. In addition to workout staples like supportive sports bras, leggings and jogger pants, shoppers can also browse through hundreds of everyday tank tops, dresses and jackets made of breathable, sweat-resistant fabrics. Like all online retail websites, the Fabletics website allows customers to add items to their shopping cart and check out.


However, Fabletics makes most of its revenue from its subscription service feature that allows customers to become VIP members. This membership program sends a full workout outfit to the subscriber’s door each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. The first outfit is half the price and the shipping is always free. Subscribers may opt out of the program at any time.


Fabletics selects the outfit for the subscriber based on a survey that subscribers take upon signing up. This survey asks the subscriber questions about their personal fashion style as well as the types of workouts that they like to do. VIP members love the convenience of letting Fabletics select the outfit for them.


When Joanie and Heather, the bloggers behind akrazycouponlady.com, signed up for the program, it was because they found the deal too hard to resist. As workout fanatics, they loved the idea of receiving a workout outfit each month for such an affordable price. When their first outfits arrived, they were very happy with the quality of Fabletics clothing.


To add to the company’s success, Hudson launched several “reverse showrooms” in the form of physical stores. While many physical stores are suffering because of the consumer shift to online retail, Fabletics stores help bring the company more revenue by encouraging customers to sign up for the VIP program. About 25 percent of customers who walk into a Fabletics store become VIP members. When customers try on a Fabletics clothing item, that item appears in the customer’s online shopping cart.


Thanks to Hudson’s innovative strategies, the company continues to grow. Hudson will be launching several more brick-and-mortar stores over the next several years.