Larkin and Lacey Weigh in Or Arpaio Pardon

President Donald Trump’s decision late last year to pardon Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio drew strong reactions from many people, including Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Lacey and Larkin, one time co-owners of the Phoenix New Times, were very outspoken and critical of the former Sheriff. Through Arpaio’s six terms as sheriff, the New Times documented many of the questionable actions and dubious arrests made.

This prompted Arapaio to have Larkin and Lacey themselves arrested for less than valid reasons in 2007.

In addition to these issues, there were many scandals that followed Arpaio as he continued his career. Some of the most controversial issues included repeated targeting of Latinos, inhumane conditions in jails, cases botched due to improper handling, the beating death of inmates in custody and millions of dollars in funding designated for jail management going missing.

These issues lead to Arapaio eventually being convicted of criminal contempt, and while some people were looking forward to seeing him serve a jail sentence, others felt sure that his case would never make it that far.

While he could have served up to six months in jail, Arapaio’s support of Trump lead to him be -pardoned without having to enter prison. Now 85 and having failed at his last bid to be re-elected as sheriff, Arpaio is likely to live the rest of his days in private. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

It is a quiet end to what was a long career in the public eye. Arpaio was first elected in the early 1990s and from the start claimed to be the toughest sheriff in the United States.

He engaged in unorthodox tactics such as feeding inmates in his prisons rotting food and opening “Tent City”, an outdoor jail where inmates were forced to live in the heat.

However, none of his actions were found to be illegal until his 2007 campaign to target Latinos. Arpaio and his deputies continued this behavior until he was eventually sued and in 2013 it was found that the behavior was unlawful and considered racial profiling. Arpaio was eventually found to be in contempt for failing to stop this behavior.

Throughout his career, Larkin and Lacey worked to report all of the offenses committed as they happened. This latest twist in the story does not surprise either man, who saw the Sheriff as a talented and calculating politician. Arapaio’s early support of Trump’s campaign for president is one of the likely reasons he was pardoned.

Ronald Fowlkes, CEO of FirstSpear LLC.

Ronald Fowlkes is a man who works to keep his nation safe every day. As of February, 2018, he is the co-owner and Director of Business Development for FirstSpear LLC, a company that develops and manufactures tactical gear and equipment. FirstSpear LLC is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia and has been in business for over 30 years. Their clients include law enforcement agencies, military agencies, and even political agencies such as NATO.

Ronald Fowlkes comes to FirstSpear LLC from a ten year position as the Business Development manager of tactical gear and equipment for Eagle Industries Unlimited, LLC. He was responsible for training sales personnel, selecting the most effective products for advertising and promotion purposes, and contacting and securing global customers for the business. His position at Eagle Industries Unlimited, along with his previous experience and training in the military and law enforcement industries, gave him the expertise needed to successfully transition over to FirstSpear.

Ronald Fowlkes served in the Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993. He is a veteran of the Gulf War. During his time in the Marine Corps, he received training in several areas. He is trained in Marine Combat Training, basic engineering, basic air naval gunfire, parachuting, and combat diving. He is skilled in using many different military equipment and technology. After leaving the Marine Corps, Fowlkes worked with JIEDDO (Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization). In this organization, Fowlkes served as a Department of Defense contractor, working in Iraq with the United States Army. He was responsible for educating and training soldiers in areas such as hostage rescue, evidence collection, and interrogation techniques for captured individuals.

After serving the United States in the military industry, Ronald Fowlkes went on to join the law enforcement industry. He worked as a police officer for St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for ten years and for the St. Louis County Police Department for three years, combating gang activity and making the St. Louis area safer. During his time as a police officer, he also was an instructor in different areas for the department. Ronald Fowlkes is not only a man of action, but also a man of sharing through training new officers.

After leaving law enforcement, Fowlkes’ business ventures was about making not just St. Louis safer, but making all of America safer. Fowlkes has done this on a phenomenal level, using his experience, expertise, training, and passion to stimulate the tactical equipment industry. Fowlkes continues to progressively lead FirstSpear into an innovative future.


New Dashboard Innovates Talk Fusion Technology

The formidable inventory of Talk Fusion is expanding with new products. Video Suite from Talk Fusion has a new dashboard for products which is only one of the company’s upcoming innovations. User experience is improved as well giving a new look to the dashboard. Bob Reina CEO and founder says that this is the stimulus needed to start introducing improvements during the coming year.




Talk Fusion more than a group of companies in the genre of video communications, the products cannot be gotten from competitors making them unique. The competitive pricing of the products makes the company its own biggest competitor. Bob Reina doesn’t want the company to come to a standstill so the team is always searching for things to improve the products. He wants the products to be high quality and efficient which redesigned dashboard will help with going into the future.




Talk Fusion wants to change the way people communicate around the world by destroying communication barriers. The latest technology will control the easy to use system. Talk Fusion’s reputation will improve and the products will be more valuable as they are improved upon. The new products are being prepared for release. The ability to connect in an instant should be available to everyone shortly. The increased demand for products offering video puts Talk Fusion in the ideal position for growth by reaching new customers.




Product Packages




Talk Fusions offers the option of sending emails by the thousands simultaneously. The website for Talk Fusion stores can store the videos that are created so that clients do not have to go anywhere. There are also videos available on the website for use. The fee for staying basic service is $175 once and then $20 per month. The service allow for an account with up to one thousand emails and five minute videos can be created. Prices go up from there.




History of Talk Fusion




Talk Fusion is the fist marketing solution that has video marketing all in once place. Marketing is made more persuasive, memorable and engaging when video is used. There are over one hundred and forty countries where independent associates market the products in person. Learn more:




Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007.








Lacey and Larkin: Speak out against the decision to pardon Arpaio by Trump

Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin are prominent reporters that have created steadfast results in numerous areas of civil liberties in Arizona. They have established the Frontera Fund with contributions from a law suit that followed their detainment from Joe Arpaio. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The formidable sheriff had been in charge of Maricopa County for more than twenty years. This led to some of the most difficult circumstances for migrant workers and immigrants alike.

He was known for his rampant discrimination as well as interest in deportation multiple businesses that were thought to employ undocumented individuals were the particular target of Joe Arpaio’s private police force. This led to some oft he most detestable actions where people were held captive and did not receive fair trial or treatment.

He was known to misuse power, but is not required to face the consequences because of the recent decision of Donald Trump. Trump has been an important and influential person in light of Arpaio case.

Numerous allegations were provided against him. However the consequences were removed due to the presidential pardon. Many say that this is not just and that greater attention to the violation of law need to follow.

Some of the problems that are seen in this have to do with corruption. Donald Trump was supported by Arpaio to a great degree based on the way that he received the GOP nomination.

By supporting him in early years it is evident that there was a budding relationship between the two for more than a year. Arpaio was even a significant contributor to the Trump campaign. Nevertheless, the results are detestable as Arpaio had pending allegations and law suits on multiple accounts.

Since there were so many different ways that civil liberties were impeded by Arpaio, residents of Maricopa County are dismayed that the cases against him have been forgiven. Lacey and Larkin too have demonstrated that there are considerable adversities created by Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Overall the way that Arpaio has acted has resulted in improper treatment of thousands of people, death as well as illness and situations that many will never recover from.

Even though he has been an important part of the way that civil liberties are undermined in recent year, the charges are no longer pending on him and its possible that he won’t have to go to prison or face any real consequences. Ultimately, the Frontera Fund was established based on the way that Arpaio’s actions were determined to be in violation of the first amendment in years past.

However, this decision has not been followed up with influential legal action in recent years. This speaks to the way that corruption is rampant throughout the democratic system and may have yielded negative results for other parts of the country where similar behavior takes place.

Ultimately, the Frontera Fund aims to improve the way that migrant workers and immigrants can access litigation assistance.

This is more important now than ever, since the harmful actions of Arpaio have gone without reprimand. The future of civil liberties is based on a better quality of support at large.

Bob Reina and What Talk Fusion is Talking About Now

Recently, Talk Fusion unveiled another edition of the Live Meetings software during a live broadcast online. The program’s purpose is to facilitate real-time communications for individuals as well as for businesses. This modern day interface is easy to use, and the update is ideal for those who are using or plan to use the WebRTC software produced by Talk Fusion.


The Talk Fusion software is fully capable of aiding businesses in conducting their online meetings as well as handling video calls for anyone. The goal of WebRTC software is to transmit one-way videos as well as to hold video calls and conferences for companies that may have remote employees or large online meetings with multiple offices. Whatever the reason, the daily PC user or business can benefit from the technology that Talk Fusion has created and made available to the general public.


The ease of use for all have made this technology popular, with an application that supports up to 15 hosts, as well as up to an additional 500 participants at a time. The seamless connection is what makes this technology so attractive, allowing participants to connect from their wireless device. These devices also include a smartphone.


Along with basic features getting a boost,users will also love the major enhancements such as the ability to record audio without the need for the extra download. Users can simply open up a new browser window with one click of the mouse to get the audio. This also means that there is no time wasted as participants continue to log onto the call. They can do so without delay because they will no longer need to download Adobe Flash Player.


Most software for projects like this require an additional plug-in for the software to function as it should. The WebRTC software is essentially a plug and play program, with no need for additional extensions.


Bob Reina believes that although other tech companies offer similar software, they have surpassed their competitors. Reina is also using various promotional methods in the digital landscape to ensure he comes out on top.


Reina founded the company in 2004, after he attempted to send a short video clip to family members to get their opinion on a property. Trouble with the download led him to believe that there was a need for something better. He was right! His company Talk Fusion, is now one of the leading technology companies in the United States. Learn more:


The Philosophy According to Dr. Vijay Eswaran

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a man who believes in living in the now moment. The current executive chair of Ql Group conglomerate and QNET engages in almost everything he believes should be done now without waiting a second. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Dr. Vijay Eswaran believes that we have all it takes to do everything we wish to do in this world; we have the time to accomplish all our heart desires. According to him, there is no need of waiting to do something tomorrow when today has plenty of time.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran philosophy is that tomorrow is not guaranteed and a man’s stay in this world is not permanent. Every moment and every minute lived in this world should account for something.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran’s own lifestyle is a testimony of what he believes in; he currently heads a multi-business conglomerate that comprises of companies in almost all sectors. He is greatly involved in the direct selling, hospitality, education, financial services and in retail.

Under his leadership, the QI group continues to succeed and expand to new grounds. Through its initial subsidiary, QNET, Dr. Vijay Eswaran has managed to merge e-commerce model and the traditional methods. Dr. Vijay Eswaran wrote many books inspiring his readers to make the best out of the time they have here on earth.

Some of his books include in the sphere of silence, 18 stepping stones, in the thinking zone, and on the wings of thought.

Through these books, Dr. Vijay Eswaran provides tips and advice to his readers on achieving success through a better-managed and well-planned life. He has also made a compilation of the most inspiring quotes to enable the readers to realize their potential and achieve the best in life.

The thought-provoking quotes and observations from Dr. Vijay Eswaran to his readers enable them to arise and take charge of their destiny. Through these books, he describes the values, communication, leadership, motivation, and success.

The books demonstrate Dr. Vijay Eswaran call for people to arise and change their lives and those of people around them because life presents them with everything necessary for their success.

Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn and 5 Cs of Servant Leadership by Vijay Eswaran

Civil Rights Organizations You Should Know About

The Anti Defamation League is one of the most well known civil rights groups in the United States.

They were created to fight against anti-semitism and bigotry against Jewish people, but they certainly do not limit themselves to fighting antisemitism; they fight hate and bigotry, regardless of who it is directed at. They focus on human relations and education to reduce hate in the world.

They have twenty nine offices in the United States. They were founded in 1913. The Anti-Defamation League is headed by Jonathan Greenblatt, who succeeded Abraham Foxman.

The Anti Defamation League was created by B’nai Brith. They have opposed various bigoted groups, such as the KKK and the Nazi movement. They also defend Israel against unjust charges.

The Anti Defamation League is often known simply as the ADL. They track hate groups and hate crimes across the United States. They fight for religious freedom. As part of that fight, they focus on making sure that there is adequate separation of church and state.

They track extremists and release reports on their actions on a regular basis. The ADL also focuses some of their efforts on the Holocaust and awareness about it. They make sure that there is sufficient education about the Holocaust and what went on during the Holocaust, and they fight people who deny the Holocaust. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The ADL has worked with various other civil rights groups to support freedom for all. For example, they have worked with activists from the African American community to support equal rights for African Americans. They created an interfaith camp for people of all faiths to come together.

The ADL is the leading organization in the world in the fight against antisemitism. They also fight for inclusiveness for everyone. They combat hate, and they protect Jewish communities. They also have a legal arm that they use to help out people who suffered from discrimination and hate.

Another organization you should know about is the Frontera Fund, headed by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. They are two journalists who co-founded Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. They were wrongly arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for criticizing him and for reporting on an illegal subpoena.

They filed a lawsuit and won three and a half million dollars. They used the money to start the Frontera Fund, a civil rights organization that fights hate and crime and supports immigrants.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and


Lacey and Larkin: First Amendment Rights

The former owners and editors of the Village Voice Media, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, have launched a brand new online journalism site called Front Page Confidential. The site’s platform covers recent news across the nation that involves situations that threat the freedom of speech and also strongly focuses on protecting our First Amendment rights. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have also created a charitable organization called the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund has provided grants to not-for-profit organizations that support human, migrant and civil rights across the entire state of Arizona. The fund helps to support and protect the Latino and Hispanic communities if any were victims of racial profiling and other violations.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had their First Amendment rights violated by Joe Arpaio, an ex-sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arpaio was notorious for racially profiling innocent Latino-American citizens of Maricopa County. On October 18, 2007, the former sheriff had sent his armed officers to go to the homes of the journalists and arrest them. The officers had used suspicious looking SUVs that were unmarked and had Mexican license plates and drove Larkin and Lacey to two separate county jails managed by Joe Arpiao. After a fairly long legal battle, Larkin and Lacey were given $3.75 million by the county to settle after it was ruled that the two were arrested without probable cause.


Celebrated Ambassador to Britain Takes Leave

Daniel Taub was sent to be Israel’s ambassador to England. He first met the Queen to present his credentials in 2011. His suit was typical of what you would expect of an ambassador. There was one thing that you may not have thought would be there, though. Daniel was proudly wearing his Kippah. His message was clear.

He was born in England, made aliyah to Israel, and returned as an ambassador. The thing that will never change about him was his religious beliefs as an Orthodox Jew.

Daniel Taub says that he was happy to work as an ambassador between his former country and his new country. His goal, he said, was to bring the two countries together. After a few years on the job, he said that he thinks he accomplished what he set out to do. In fact, other people think he did a great job as well.

There was a farewell ceremony when he left after finishing his job as ambassador. Everyone there loved him and cheered. The fact is that people think he is the most popular envoy to Great Britain from Israel since Shlomo Argov back in the 1960s. Through every criss, Daniel was there to bridge the relationships. He went on media outlets and talked to politicians.

Daniel Taub said that Britain is an important country for Israel. He said Britain is the centerpiece of Europe and is very influential in many areas of economy. He said that his main goal was to help people understand the position that Israel took. There has been a lot of cooperation between the two countries.

This cooperation has been apparent in every instance when an issue arises in the Middle East. Whether it was the Gaza crisis, or ISIS, or the Syrian civil war, England and Israel have worked together to come up with solutions. Yes, there is a lot of turmoil in the Middle East, but Daniel says that he believes there is a silver lining.

In addition, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Israel and Arab nations are aligning themselves. Countries such as Saudi Arabia are working with Israel.

According to Bloomberg, Daniel Taub finished his job as envoy in 2015. Now, he is the head of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. He is an expert in international law. In addition, he helped out a lot during the peace process. He has received awards for his excellent work.

Dick DeVos, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy launched the first charter aviation-themed school at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport about 5 years ago. As the main supporters of West Michigan Aviation Academy, they have not only given to the school donations of $315,000 on annual checks in 2013 but also gifted the school its first plane. In addition, they participate in the school’s annual fundraising gala which draws in A-list speakers through the connections of the DeVoses like Apollo astronauts and retired President George Bush.


The next biggest drive for Mr. DeVos and his wife is Arts and Culture of which they donated at least $2.4 Million or 21% of the total givings to charity made in 2015. Dick and his wife have garnered a lot of attention for their charitable contributions amounting to almost $139 million over time, an amount that is pocket change if compared to Dick and Betsy’s outsized donations politically. The West Michigan based couple is unveiling the money funneled for philanthropic giving through the Family’s Foundation.


11.6 million dollars was given as charity contributions in 2016 according to a report by the DeVoses Family Foundation site. This is more than twice the $5.3 Million donations in campaign reported by Betsy DeVos to the federal government over the past five years as part of the vetting process to get a cabinet post. Mr. DeVos, in his capacity as President of John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, started an initiative to support the arts before it grew to a separate identity. Their decision to start the DeVos Institute of Arts Management with a donation of $20 Million to the University of Maryland was to support Michael Kaiser’s initiative to strengthen the organization from the business side.


Other contributions for philanthropic causes done by the Devos were split as follows: Development and Leadership $1.5 Million, Community, Civic and other $ 1.8 Million, Health and Human Services $618,000, Public Policy $1.5 Million, and Churches $488,250. The DeVoses always choose to donate to causes they hope will bring positive change and also give without dictating how the contributed funds should be spent.


Dick DeVos Personal and Work Background

Dick DeVos is a proud father of four children and grandfather of five. He works in Michigan and is the Chief Executive Officer and President of The Windquest Group. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Northwood University.


Dick Devos was lucky to start off his career as Vice President of Amway International in 1984 where he worked for six years before moving to Orlando Magic where he was the CEO, President and a member of the Board. In 2002 he started working for the Windquest Group to date, and he is the President and CEO of the company.

Traveling Vineyard: Drinking Wine While Doing Business

Napa is the capital city of wine. However, you don’t have to sample the wine only when you visit the city. Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides do a lot more than sampling wine when they visit Napa. Visit the Napa Valley Historical Society to explore Nappa Valley’s rich history. You can even sign up for lectures and tours by the historians in the valley. If you are interested in cooking, then you can look up the Silverado Cooking School and get to know more about preparing meals from a renowned chef. In addition to this, you will get to feast on the amazing meals that you will prepare.

For a relaxing session, visit Auberge Spa. You will get to enjoy more than luxurious baths and massages using natural hot springs, mineral rich baths. You can also sample the yoga classes, painting lessons; have a meal at Lakehouse restaurant/biking and hiking and hot air balloons in the premises of the resort where the spa stands.

Visit the Round Pound Estate and sample the best olives in the world. The olive mill also has customized rich oil which features unique fruit, flowers, herbs, spices, and vinegar. In addition to this, you can also find out how to make the unique oils during the tour which is done by professional guides. To explore the natural habitat in the Napa area, visit the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park and marvel at what Mother Nature has given us.

Napa has a lot to offer apart from wine some of the best arts and sounds can be found in this city. If you love art you can indulge yourself in the Napa Art Walk exhibition. The exhibition features creative works from all over America. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of appreciating the art work more by not purchasing a piece that you fancy.

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About The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct wine selling company that enables entrepreneurs to enjoy their wine tasting hobbies and flexibly do business. The company started in 2001 and it provides lessons of how to be a home selling wine guide. The company provides the initial training, support, and wines that you will need to launch the wine tasting business.

The Traveling Vineyard Guide can have other entrepreneurs who can work under them. Each wine guide gets a percentage of the proceeds whenever any wine is purchased by the people who attend the wine tastings at home.

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