The True Genius Of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a name that is certainly familiar to residents of Brazil. As the man who is responsible for the construction of the premier shopping mall of Brazil, Maniara Shopping Mall, there are no shortage of citizens who are aware of his accomplishments. What they are not always aware of is the true genius behind all of the decisions that he has made.


For the majority of his life, Roberto Santiago has been the type of forward thinker that the business world needs. He is someone who does not believe in maintaining the status quo and he is always looking for ways to improve upon current situations.


Roberto Santiago is the type of entrepreneur that every region needs. He has a keen eye for what is needed and will always take the proper steps towards providing it. His mission to provide the people of the Joao Pessoa region with a shopping mall that they could be proud of began when he was still young.


As a child, he noticed that the area lacked a shopping mall that provided residents with access to all of the stores of their choices. Furthermore, he came to realize that local residents were not only spending their money elsewhere, but they were also forced to foot the bill for their travel fees.


After graduating from college with a degree in business administration, he worked for Cafe Rosa just long enough to realize that he was wasting his natural talents. To Roberto Santiago, the prospect of working for someone every day paled in comparison to the idea of starting a business of his own.


Cafe Rosa had taught him enough about the home decor business to start a successful venture of his own in the same field. It also allowed him to collect the revenue that he would need to purchase the land that would eventually become the home of Maniara Shopping Mall.


He used his profits wisely and constructed one of the finest shopping establishments that the area has ever seen. It did not take long for the mall to become the major entertainment hub of the area. Roberto Santiago also realized the importance of versatility. The mall provides a number of different activities for each visitor. They are able to work out at the gym or grab a bite to eat at the food court.


There are also theaters and concert halls that allow residents to enjoy state of the art entertainment on a regular basis. All it took was two years for him to develop the land and thanks to his unique brand of genius, he is able to sidestep all of the issues that took place for other business during the recent economic crisis.


Ronald Fowlkes, CEO of FirstSpear LLC.

Ronald Fowlkes is a man who works to keep his nation safe every day. As of February, 2018, he is the co-owner and Director of Business Development for FirstSpear LLC, a company that develops and manufactures tactical gear and equipment. FirstSpear LLC is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia and has been in business for over 30 years. Their clients include law enforcement agencies, military agencies, and even political agencies such as NATO.

Ronald Fowlkes comes to FirstSpear LLC from a ten year position as the Business Development manager of tactical gear and equipment for Eagle Industries Unlimited, LLC. He was responsible for training sales personnel, selecting the most effective products for advertising and promotion purposes, and contacting and securing global customers for the business. His position at Eagle Industries Unlimited, along with his previous experience and training in the military and law enforcement industries, gave him the expertise needed to successfully transition over to FirstSpear.

Ronald Fowlkes served in the Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993. He is a veteran of the Gulf War. During his time in the Marine Corps, he received training in several areas. He is trained in Marine Combat Training, basic engineering, basic air naval gunfire, parachuting, and combat diving. He is skilled in using many different military equipment and technology. After leaving the Marine Corps, Fowlkes worked with JIEDDO (Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization). In this organization, Fowlkes served as a Department of Defense contractor, working in Iraq with the United States Army. He was responsible for educating and training soldiers in areas such as hostage rescue, evidence collection, and interrogation techniques for captured individuals.

After serving the United States in the military industry, Ronald Fowlkes went on to join the law enforcement industry. He worked as a police officer for St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for ten years and for the St. Louis County Police Department for three years, combating gang activity and making the St. Louis area safer. During his time as a police officer, he also was an instructor in different areas for the department. Ronald Fowlkes is not only a man of action, but also a man of sharing through training new officers.

After leaving law enforcement, Fowlkes’ business ventures was about making not just St. Louis safer, but making all of America safer. Fowlkes has done this on a phenomenal level, using his experience, expertise, training, and passion to stimulate the tactical equipment industry. Fowlkes continues to progressively lead FirstSpear into an innovative future.


Dick DeVos, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy launched the first charter aviation-themed school at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport about 5 years ago. As the main supporters of West Michigan Aviation Academy, they have not only given to the school donations of $315,000 on annual checks in 2013 but also gifted the school its first plane. In addition, they participate in the school’s annual fundraising gala which draws in A-list speakers through the connections of the DeVoses like Apollo astronauts and retired President George Bush.


The next biggest drive for Mr. DeVos and his wife is Arts and Culture of which they donated at least $2.4 Million or 21% of the total givings to charity made in 2015. Dick and his wife have garnered a lot of attention for their charitable contributions amounting to almost $139 million over time, an amount that is pocket change if compared to Dick and Betsy’s outsized donations politically. The West Michigan based couple is unveiling the money funneled for philanthropic giving through the Family’s Foundation.


11.6 million dollars was given as charity contributions in 2016 according to a report by the DeVoses Family Foundation site. This is more than twice the $5.3 Million donations in campaign reported by Betsy DeVos to the federal government over the past five years as part of the vetting process to get a cabinet post. Mr. DeVos, in his capacity as President of John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, started an initiative to support the arts before it grew to a separate identity. Their decision to start the DeVos Institute of Arts Management with a donation of $20 Million to the University of Maryland was to support Michael Kaiser’s initiative to strengthen the organization from the business side.


Other contributions for philanthropic causes done by the Devos were split as follows: Development and Leadership $1.5 Million, Community, Civic and other $ 1.8 Million, Health and Human Services $618,000, Public Policy $1.5 Million, and Churches $488,250. The DeVoses always choose to donate to causes they hope will bring positive change and also give without dictating how the contributed funds should be spent.


Dick DeVos Personal and Work Background

Dick DeVos is a proud father of four children and grandfather of five. He works in Michigan and is the Chief Executive Officer and President of The Windquest Group. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Northwood University.


Dick Devos was lucky to start off his career as Vice President of Amway International in 1984 where he worked for six years before moving to Orlando Magic where he was the CEO, President and a member of the Board. In 2002 he started working for the Windquest Group to date, and he is the President and CEO of the company.

Roberto Santiago’s Mall Brings New Options to Brazil

Since the 1980’s, Roberto Santiago has been doing what he can to make the Manaira Mall something that is profitable. He does what he can to show people that malls can be more than malls and that the Manaira Mall is a great option for people who are looking for something different in their shopping experiences. He has done a lot to set Manaira Mall apart from others and that has paid off for him. This is evident in the profits and the fact that the Manaira Mall continues to profit even when other malls are failing with their profits. He did many different things to safeguard the mall from the issues that come with a poor economy and he has been able to get more out of the options that the mall has. It has also given him a chance to enjoy all of the profits that come along with different opportunities.

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Before Roberto Santiago started the idea for the mall, he worked in marketing and journalism. He tried to make sure that things would work better for people and did all that he could to market different businesses. The idea behind the Manaira Mall was that he would be able to market his own business and pick up many others along the way for the mall. It made him a better business owner and also made it easier for him to try new things with the options that he had in the marketing experience.

There were many options for people to be able to enjoy when they visited Manaira. One of the things that Roberto Santiago did to set his mall apart was put an event center at the top of the mall. He wanted to show people that they could do more than shop and eat when they went to a mall. The event center makes it easy for people to be able to enjoy the entertainment experience of the mall while trying to do different things. There were many different things that went on with the options that Roberto Santiago created. The event center was different than anything that most other malls had.

Since then, Roberto Santiago has tried to make sure that he can make the mall even better. He does what he can to try and improve things with the mall and to try and get everything the way that it could be. Despite the fact that Manaira Mall is already a very large space, he wants to continue to improve it. He is going to keep building it, growing it and adding more to it. There are plans for the future that will make the Manaira Mall one of the biggest in the area. Know more at about Roberto Santiago.

Alexandre Gama: Benefits Of Hiring An Advertising Agency

Alexandre Gama is a renowned marketing and business promotions specialist. Alexandre Gama has been in the industry for years and is well respected by clients and his colleagues.

Alexandre Gama strives to get the best outcome in his clients’ marketing and advertising projects. Alexandre Gama can handle all of our advertising work, and ensure that your ad campaign becomes profitable.

Hiring an advertising professional like Alexandre Gama means you will have the time to focus on other aspects of your organization or company, enabling you to improve productivity and revenue.

Most business owners and organization leaders are busy enough managing their business and projects to give the development and implementation of an advertising campaign the time it needs. That is why enlisting the services of a professional like Alexandre Gama allow you to put more energy and time into operating your business.


The Story behind Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

You can’t visit Joao Pessoa, the capital and largest city in the Brazilian state of Paraiba, without becoming aware of the Manaira Shopping Mall. Even in a city with a bustling population of more than 800,000, the massive shopping and entertainment destination is a major standout. Roberto Santiago, the generous and successful entrepreneur behind the mall, continually strives to improve upon his greatest achievement. Indeed, the food court of the mall, which was already massive to begin with, has been expanded and improved many times, including in 2008, 2012 and 2014.

People who visit Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall generally give little thought to how the mall was developed in the first place. Little do they know that the man behind it was just 30 years old when it opened its doors in 1989. Just two years prior to that, Roberto Santiago had taken money that he’d earned through savvy real estate dealings to purchase a large plot of land in downtown Joao Pessoa. He had already put together a detailed business plan for the proposed mall, and ground broke on the project that same year. After two years of construction and getting everything just right, the mall opened its doors in 1989. Visit to read more.

Roberto Santiago was born in Paraiba on July 16, 1958. Early on in his life, it was evident that he had a knack for writing. In fact, he first started out as a writer, and he has created many successful and popular blogs through the years. However, Santiago wasn’t content with just writing. An ambitious fellow, he earned his undergraduate degree from Pio X Marist College. Shortly thereafter, he attended University Center of Joao Pessoa, or UNIPE, where he earned a degree in business administration. With the credentials and knowledge that he needed, Santiago took a job at Cafe Santa Rosa.

After his time at Cafe Santa Rosa, Roberto Santiago invested in a cardboard box manufacturing firm. It turned out to be a wise move, as he made excellent returns on his investment. In fact, he was able to use his earnings to purchase the land on which Manaira Shopping Mall stands today.

If you come to Paraiba, don’t miss a chance to visit the Manaira Mall. While you are at it, check out Santiago’s other mall, Mangabeira Shopping Mall, which is also wildly popular. Be on the lookout for Roberto Santiago at local bowling alleys, as he is an avid bowler.

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Mike Baur Contribution to the Success of Startup Companies

Mike Baur is an American Based entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory AG. He has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry. In the organization, he is tasked with fundraising and financing the operations. He started his career as a commercial apprentice at UBS. Baur worked his way up through several managerial positions to become an executive board member of a Swiss-based private bank. In 2014, he left the banking sector to start his business. Together with other two partners, they began Swiss Startup Factory. It is the Largest privately financed ICT Startup accelerator in Switzerland. Through this company, Mike Baur invests time and resources to several Swiss youth entrepreneurship programs. Additionally, he supports startups both financially and as their mentor.


Before venturing into Swiss Startup Factory, Baur participated as a jury at a startup pitching contest organized by the University of St Gallen. In January 2016, after Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI, he got named as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. In early 2016, he led the company through its accelerator program with Goldbach Group. Additionally, Baur contributed profoundly to the partnership between Swiss Startup Factory and Fintech Fusion. In December, Mike Baur early career in Swiss banking and his diversion to entrepreneurship and startups was profiled by Wall Street Journal. Mike holds an MBA from University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


Swiss Startup Factory prides itself with the means to turn ideas into full grown institutions generating income. Through their 360 degrees service platform, the company offers individual services that see ideas off the ground. The organization uses a comprehensive accelerator program that brings a startup and their products to the market. Depending on the kind of startup, the institution offers a package that ensures growth. Additionally, Mike Baur ensures that these startup companies receive the best services by providing one to one mentorship programs.


Through the pre-accelerator program, the institution helps ambitious and talented individuals grow their ideas. The accelerator stage is a three-month program after the incubation period that helps people create solutions to problems. Finally, the growth stage package gets offered to mature startups already in the market. Additionally, Mike Baur ensures that these startups receive facilities that otherwise, are still way off their reach. The startups get co-working spaces and legal advice to guide them during market penetration and shield them from potential lawsuits for free. Additionally, they are provided with accounting services to help them manage their account books.


An Insight of Mike Baur astounding business and Entrepreneurial Career

Mike Baur is the Founding Partner of the Swiss startup factory. He has over 20 years experience in the Swiss banking industry and is in charge of financing and fundraising at the Swiss Startup Company. Mike also serves as the speaker of investor panel at the WORLDWEBFORUM Next Generation Semester closing. Baur started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 39 when he and other two partners founded the Swiss Startup Factory, which is ranked the best privately financed startup factory in Switzerland. He invests a lot of his time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship and supports startups by mentoring and funding.


Education and Working Experience


Baur holds an MBA from the University of Rochester New York and Executive MBA from the University of Bern. Baur began his career in 1991 as the UBS Fribourg at UBS Wealth Management. In 2000 he was promoted to the position of Wealth Management Switzerland and later he worked as KeyClient Group Switzerland of the same organization. In 2008, he worked for Clariden Leu as the Business Area Head Private Banking Switzerland and later as the Head of Private Banking.


In 2012, he became the Head Private Banking at the Sallfort Private Bank AG until he founded Baur IS and Think Reloaded Ag in 2014. Currently, he holds several positions such as Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Swiss Startup Factory, Director, and Co-Founder of Swiss startup Association, Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest and Vice President of Innovative Lab Fribourg.


Community Activities


He is also involved in several community events such as Upstate Forever, where he currently serves as a board member, and he is a former board member of The Peace Center for Performing Arts in Greenville. Moreover, Baur is a Community Wellness Advocate and participates in Corporate Shield running events, fitness challenges, and road races.


About Swiss Startup Factory


Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2014 in Zurich. The firm was launched with the aim of searching for thriving digital businesses and provides them with excellent opportunities. The Switzerland-based accelerator provides entrepreneurs with exciting investment opportunities from the first day through their remarkable connections within Switzerland and other parts of the world.


For new partners, the firm runs a here month startup accelerator, which offers an outstanding array of services such as coaching, mentoring, entrepreneurial network and office space within Zurich to achieve determined goals. The services provided during their training include; bookkeeping, payroll management, invoice management, tax and VAT reporting, cash flow reports, financial statements and financial health review.

Amazing American Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a famous and very successful entrepreneur from the United States. He was born on 02 September 1969 in Southfield, Michigan. At quite a young age, he has founded many companies. Besides being the co-founder, he is also the Chief Operating Officer of Tempus and Chairman of Groupon. Other companies that he co-founded include Uptake, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, and Mediaocean. Lefkofsky’s father was a structure engineer, and his mother was a school teacher. He graduated from University of Michigan in 1991. Two years later, he acquired the Juris Doctor degree from University of Michigan Law School.

While he was a student at the University of Michigan, he started selling carpets. In 1993, Eric Lefkofsky and his friend bought an apparel company Brandon Apparel in Wisconsin. In 1999, the two friends created Starbelly, an internet company which promoted products. A year later, they sold Starbelly to Halo Industries, and Lefkofsky became its Chief Operating Officer. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt after one year.

It was 2001 when Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkings which provided the services of print procurement to medium sized businesses. It was a huge success, and InnerWorkings entered US stock market in August 2006. Until 2012, Lefkofsky was a member of the company’s Board of Directors. In 2005, Lefkofsky and his partner created Echo Global Logistics which is a company for freight logistics. The company was another success, and NEA (New Enterprise Associates) became interested in series D financing. By 2006, Echo Global Logistics joined US stock exchange, and today it is traded successfully.

In 2006, the two founded a technology company MediaBank which provided software analysis, accounting, buying and planning to advertisers. The company was another success as it acquired Datatech and attracted NEA for investment. In 2007, Lefkofsky co-founded which was renamed to in 2008. This company attracted investors like NEA, Battery Ventures, and Digital Sky Technology. In 2010, Lightbank was created by Lefkofsky and Keywell. They also created Uptake in 2014. Lefkofsky decided to step down as the CEO of Groupon in 2015. It was 2016 when Lefkofsky founded Tempus and became its CEO. It is a tech company that allows physicians to provide cancer care.

Eric Lefkofsky is also a philanthropist. He formed Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust which supports educational, scientific and charitable organizations around the globe. The foundation has funded more than fifty organizations and had a focus on children.

Lefkofsky is very active on social media. He uses the internet to update his followers about his personal life and spread good messages. His Facebook page focuses more on promoting about cancer treatment. His Twitter account spreads awareness about latest technological advancements and cancer awareness. He wrote a book with the title Accelerated Disruption which describes effects of technology on business.

Don Ressler’s Successful Business Ventures

Don Ressler is a highly successful entrepreneur who has assisted in the opening and growth of several startups. Intelligent Beauty and JustFab are simple examples of the two successful companies. He also created which was purchased by Intermix Media. Ressler moved forth to work with Adam Goldenberg where they founded a company known as Alena Media. The firm operated under Intermix Media. Alena Media focused on advertising and e-commerce market. The company grew to become the biggest profit opportunity for Intermix on Pando. News Corp bought Alena Media later in 2005. The two owners of the company had little control and saw their startup fade away. Don and Adam were not happy and decided to go forth and start their own business. They explored new opportunities in the online fashion space.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had adequate knowledge in online advertising. They decided to meet up to come up with their brand. They ended up brainstorming in Goldenberg’s living room along with other Alena members. After a few days, the finalized to create a startup company known as Intelligent Beauty. Even though they never knew how successful the startup would be, the two men knew that the e-commerce marketplace could not be underestimated. Ressler assisted in the growth and establishment of the company. He has always had the ability to look into outside markets that were scalable. He decided to start JustFab. See:

JustFab is a business that focuses on a membership platform. The business is scalable because it focuses on the fashion space on JustFab has made its products desirable because they are accessible at reasonable prices. JustFab introduces discounts and offers for members from time to time. Don Ressler decided to venture into the activewear markets in 2013. He started Fabletics based on a similar model of service. Kate Hudson assisted in the establishment and advertising of Fabletics. Other companies such as Shoe Dazzle competed highly with JustFab. Don Ressler looked into this and eventually decided to purchase the company.

The starting and location of JustFab is a long and eventful adventure. The firm started in Don Ressler’s living room in Manhattan where he and Adam settle for the name Just Fabulous. The business grew on LinkedIn, and they had to move to a new location in El Segundo. El Segundo became the best place they could find. It was close to an airport and had easy access to the beach. The decided to settle for an office that was expandable. Today, JustFab has over 128,000 square feet of office space in the place.