The Remarkable Growth Of Waiakea’s Operations

Recently, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water declared a 5,000 percent growth. This huge success was registered within a period of 5 years. Over the past year alone, Waiakea water has marketed and distributed its product in 30 states in the U.S. Currently, more than 2,000 stores stock the brand. This achievement has seen the company come up with innovative ways of starting a new manufacturing unit in Hawaii. The new facility aims at meeting the product’s increasing international demand.

According to Shop Gourmet, that the company had achieved in five years. Initially, the firm would only sell a thousand cases of the product. Today, it is retailing over 120,000 cases. Additionally, Emmons noted that the company would ensure that underserved communities would benefit from a donation of 500 million liters of fresh water.

As part of its goal to persuade consumers to drink water, Waiakea, in collaboration with Pump Aid, contributes 650 liters of safe water for each liter that is sold. Its benevolent donation adds up to one third of Waiakea’s success.

Moreover, Waiakea brand has natural alkaline, is electrolyte packed, and is rich in mineral. The water is sourced from unadulterated places on the planet. It is also packaged on recycled bottles (rPET).

Emmons believes that Waiakea’s success has been brought about because of its unique approach to business. Noteworthy, Waiakea is the first premium bottled water to be certified Carbon Neutral. The company’s product embraces the tenets of sustainability, health, and ethics. Waiakea has developed a brand that makes people feel good. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

On average, the corporation has been reporting a yearly growth rate of 170 percent. According to AquaGrade, Waiakea Water is valued at more than $ 10 million. In addition, the premium-bottled water can be found in leading supermarket chains across the country.

They include Wawa and Whole Foods. Given its success, the company has been planning to expand its operations to other parts of the globe.

About Waiakea

Waiakea is a top bottled water brand that was established on a triple bottom line that zeroes in on viability, well being, and philanthropic initiatives.

Waiakea Water is sourced as both rain and snow-melt on the Mauna Loa volcano. The Waiakea spring is filtered through porous volcanic rock. This situation makes the water natural. It also makes it to have a good taste.

As a top bottled water brand, Waiakea water hopes to transform the whole industry operations. This is because the company is dedicated to the idea of conserving the environment.

Since its incorporation in 2012, Waiakea water has become the most awarded bottled water brand in the U.S. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company avails water to different parts of the globe, especially in Africa.

Billy McFarland And Magnises Are Taking The Millennial Market By Storm

In order to qualify for a black American Express card, you must show you have the ability to charge more than $250,000 a year and be able to spend $7,500 for an initiation fee and $2,500 annually. In order to get a black Magnises card, you must be a Millennial that has at least $250 to spend for a membership.

Billy McFarland, the Short Hills native, and the son of two real estate developers decided his generation needed a social club that offered special perks.

In other words, if you have a black Magnises card in your wallet, you’re cool enough to hang out in Billy’s West Village townhouse and enjoy special perks like exclusive art shows, fancy dinners, and tables at the trendiest nightclubs in New York City.

At 24 years-old, Billy McFarland is the father of Magnises. Billy started Magnises in 2014 after raising $3 million in venture capital. The Bucknell University dropout, and founder of the popular online ad platform, Spling, is a Millennial marketing whiz.

The Magnises concept is up and running in New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago. Billy plans to spread the concept to London, Atlanta, LA, and Boston soon. Magnises already has 12,000 card carrying members that enjoy sports events, fine dining, and nights in trendy clubs. Members can purchase a ClubPass and a HotelPass that gives them deals that aren’t offered to non-members.

Starting a social club for Millennials was a risky endeavor, but McFarland knows the market. After all, using a Latin-sounding word like Magnises, which means absolutely nothing, is a stroke of Millennial genius.

There’s not a Baby Boomer alive that could use a word that means nothing and turn it into a business. Well, there may be a few Baby Boomers that could do that, but at this point, most of them are retired and wondering where the time went.

Billy McFardland developed a winning concept by listening to what Millennials want. Billy McFalrand’s West Village townhouse is always open. The Millennial members that work in the fashion, sports, tech, and finance world are taking advantage of the networking, food, and good times that McFarland offers them without regrets.

The Contributions Of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando started his career by volunteering at the Mercantile Exchange located in Chicago. Raj Fernando began working his way up in the company, while at the same time also working for Chicago’s Board of Trade. He founded Chopper Trading in 2002 and the company expanded in growth to over two-hundred-fifty employees. He also went to Beloit College where he received his degree in both economics and history.

Fernando was also a contributor for the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission, and gave his support for the establishment of financial markets that were honest, open, highly competitive, and rock solid. He was a panelist for the commission in 2010, and spoke of the trading practices that were so disruptive.

Fernando spoke to an audience made up of international individuals in 2013. This group was composed of shareholders and media representatives. This was an industry related event, conducted at the yearly meeting for the Rosenblatt Global Exchange. Then, Fernando sold the company Chopper Trading to DRW. This was a trading firm out of Chicago.

A new internet company called Scoutahead was founded by Fernando in 2016. The goal of this company was to promote growth and productivity in the corporate world through a communication system with advanced capabilities. Fernando is the CEO of this company.

There are many philanthropic efforts being supported by Fernando throughout the United States. He is a member of the board for the Chicago Symphony, as well as a shelter with a no-kill policy for animals called PAWS. Fernando gives his support to countless organizations who are making a substantial difference in the community. He became a member of the International Security Advisory Board in 2011. This board was the one giving advice to Hillary Clinton. Eventually he stepped down because of the amount of violence taking place in the international markets at this time.

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Securus Technology Is Protecting The Public

When people think of public safety, Securus Technologies should come to their mind. Securus Technologies is in the business of preventing and solving crimes in an effort to make the country and the world a safer place to live. Every week, they develop a new way through technology that can keep the world safer and more protected. Since they are sought after by many companies that are looking for this type of work, they are well-known in their field.



They drafted and published an article that gives other people the ability to see what the officials at the correction facilities they service think about what they are doing. Securus Technologies is working to prevent crimes in these facilities, including among the inmates. They have listed out a variety of the comments, and they invite everyone, including investors to visit their center in TX to see how they are preventing and solving crimes. Of course, they will show them a variety of the technological advances they have utilized to offer solutions to the various correction facilities across the nation.


The Securus Technologies company is located in Dallas, TX. In their center they work all different kinds of solutions that will solve crimes and protect the public all around the country. They use video, investigation techniques, public information and a lot more to help them with what they wish to accomplish. On a regular basis, they deal with over 1,000,000 inmates located in correction facilities all across the nation. This may take place in a number of ways, but the purpose of the company is to prevent criminal activity and increase the safety of the inmates. The government seeks them out to complete safety technology missions for their facilities too. They deal with both criminal and civil justice by administering monitoring and other techniques to determine guilt in different situations.

Lovaganza Making Plans For An Amazing 2020 Celebration

In 2020, Lovaganza will be having an amazing celebration. The celebration will be an opportunity for Lovaganza to celebrate the cultures of the world in a way that has rarely been done before.

The celebration theme of Lovaganza will be a Bohemian adventure theme. The 2020 celebration will include all the special qualities that make a Lovaganza performance special. The celebration will have a combination of singing, music, dancing, and the arts. The various aspects will be combined and performed in such a manner that audiences will be dazzled by the sound, sight, and unique abilities of the entertainers.

Regarding entertainment, Lovaganza is one of the most well known and respected entertainment companies in the world. Since its beginnings as an entertainment company, Lovaganza has made a point to include the integration of culture into every performance. The use of culture makes the performances done by Lovaganza different than most performances. In addition, just simply inserting culture is not what Lovaganza does related to its entertainment shows. The culture is the foundation of the shows.

Cultures from all over the world are intertwined into the fabric of the Lovaganza shows. The music, singing, dancing, and art are all done using various cultures throughout the shows. This allows audiences to see performances done using cultures that would rarely if ever be seen by audiences located in different parts of the world.

The world is a good way of describing Lovaganza because the company has locations all over the world. The company has locations in America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and several other areas all over the world. With locations in almost every corner of the world, Lovaganza is able to pull from many different cultures. The cultures that are used in its performances are second nature to Lovaganza because the company lives the various cultures from around the world.

The 2020 celebration that Lovaganza will provide is a showcase of the best that Lovaganza has to offer at The 2020 celebration will be shown in all the locations that Lovaganza has around the world simultaneously.

The 2020 celebration is the highlight of the celebration provided by Lovaganza. However, the company will have several performances leading up to the 2020 celebration on Wikidot. Lovaganza will actually have a kickoff to the 2020 celebration with a traveling show tour. The tour will start in 2017 and will have all the elements of the 2020 celebration.

During the traveling show, Lovaganza will unveil three motion pictures that the company produced. The motion pictures will utilize some of the latest technology available on the market. In addition, the motion pictures will be shown on high tech screens.

The 2020 celebration that Lovaganza is planning will be one of the biggest events in the company’s long and amazing history. The 2020 celebration will showcase the best of Lovaganza and provide audiences all over the world with the opportunity to see Lovaganza in its finest hour.

What’s Trending in Cosmetics Right Now?

For years, major conglomerates ruled the cosmetic industry, often making it difficult for customers to stray from the well-established norms. However, with the rise of internet sales and social media, small-scale cosmetic proprietors and celebrity entrepreneurs are making waves like never before. Months ago, Kylie Jenner made news after repeatedly selling out of her exotic lipstick kits, but she isn’t the first to do so. Years prior, Russian-born entrepreneur Doe Deere was selling out of the candy-colored “Unicorn” lipsticks produced by her brand, Lime Crime. Like Jenner, Deere’s success may be part entrepreneurial, part fame.

Deere maintains several lines of communication with her fan base through social media. Most notably, Deere’s Instagram page has over 400 thousand followers, who shower Doe daily with compliments on her makeup and fashion choices. Deere frequently posts images of herself, “The Unicorn Queen,” wearing her own cosmetics alongside fiercely colored hair and one-of-a-kind clothing ensembles. Her fans are located all over and even outside of the country. For Deere, running a strictly internet based company means she can focus on attracting like-minded customers, without having to worry about stocking inventory in brick-and-mortar stores.

From a young age, Deere has shown a deep appreciation for cosmetics. They allowed her to be creative and express herself as an individual. However, she often found it difficult to find shades that matched her homemade clothes. As a personal solution, she dreamt up Lime Crime. Originally, she sold very limited edition lipsticks from an Etsy page. However, she quickly outgrew the platform. Today, her business runs out of a busy office in Los Angeles, California.

For consumers looking for affordable, high-quality cosmetics, the internet makes shopping as easy as possible. Moreover, for those seeking to achieve an individual look, cosmetic lines like Doe Deere are happy to provide the artistic supplies. Unlike traditional products, internet-only brands more easily ridiculed by consumers, who have the ability to post reviews and criticism directly to their websites or social media accounts. Lime Crime offers consumers an interesting and ethically sound option. On top of being a small business, the line is both cruelty-free and vegan. So if you’d like to sport a rainbow of color without hurting your wallet or anything else for that matter, give Lime Crime a try!

Twenty Three Layers Amazing Event Planning

When you are in need of event planners in NYC, it does not need to be a formidable task. You simply need to do your research to be certain you hire the best company for your needs. There are easy steps to take that will ensure your success.

First, figure out how much money you are willing to spend on your event. Make certain you know what you are trying to accomplish in having this event. Think about possible themes and exactly what you are trying to say. Whether you handle the activities you have planned for your event, or turn them over to the planning agency is an important decision as well.

What type of food you want to have must be decided. The use of menus and invitations are also tasks that must be addressed. If you are planning on entertainment, you must decide if you will need a stage or speakers and how they will be placed at your event. When you put all of these elements together, you can begin to really work on your budget.

In order to locate the best event planning companies in NYC, word of mouth is one way to accomplish this. An even better way is to research which companies have the most experience and best reputation in the industry. Talk to your professional associates to see which companies they have used and what their results were.

Of all the event planning companies in New York, Twenty Three Layers is one of the very best there is. They are an event planning company based in New York. They offer a beautiful selection of designs suffused with so much creativity and energy it is amazing. If what you really want is an affair that is both unique and special, they can plan it.

Twenty Three Layers exclusive relationships and experience makes them a company who will always deliver the very best in your events. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday or even a corporate event, you want it to be perfection.

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Working in a Shared Office Space Advantages

Over the past few years one of the most significant trends in the professional workspace has been the increase in the amount of people that work in shared office concepts. A shared office building is a space where people that do not work together work nearby each other in the same office setting. While a shared office space is a new concept, there are several advantages that come with it that has helped to increase its popularity.

Many people that work in a coworking space are either tele-commuters or freelance employees. While these jobs often allow you to work from home, most people find that working in a shared office setting will allow you to build a social and professional network, collaborate with other professionals, and build a sense of accountability to others in the building. Ultimately, this will help to make you a more efficient employee regardless of your profession.

People that work in a coworking environment will also find that it can be a much more convenient option when compared to other workspace options. When working in a coworking space you will be able to access the building at any time during the day. You will also be able to use the Internet, office equipment, and other amenities at your convenience. Each building also typically has conference and meeting rooms that can be rented out whenever necessary.

Those that live in the New York City area and are looking for a shared office space should consider leasing space from Workville. Workville is a shared office community in New York, that is located in the heart of Manhattan. The building comes fully equipped with plenty of workspaces, Internet accessibility, places for lounging and socializing, and all the office equipment that you could need. You can also find them on Facebook, for more information.

New York Luxury Apartments, Some of the Best Amenities


New York is known for being over the top, whether it is the food, the shopping or the real estate. New Yorker’s are willing to pay for NYC properties that have special amenities. You can find apartments with lap pools, basketball quarts and pet spas to name a few things. For the art lover there is the apartment with studio space and an art gallery located just blocks from Pratt Institute. Among the luxury apartments you can find indoor pools, private parks, libraries, billiard tables, large gyms, putting greens, yoga studios and dog parks. These luxury apartments come at a price though, often starting around $3,500 a month for a studio reaching up to $13,500 for a one bedroom, one bathroom with some of the best amenities a person could find.


They specialize in luxury residential sales and leasing, the marketing, sales and leasing of property developments, both commercial and retail. Town Residential holds the bar high when it comes to excellence within the real estate industry for NYC Properties. They are made up of a team of 30+ representatives each in a specialized market for NYC properties.  TOWN Residential has been credited with many awards such as Best Firm to Work for and one of the Top 50 Best Places to work in New York City all thanks to their amazing support system of a team.

TOWN Residential currently has 7 office buildings conveniently located throughout some of the most vibrant neighborhoods in New York City. This adds to their ability to create outstanding customer service as all their offices are easy to reach, both for clients and representatives. Located within each office building is TOWN Square, which was designed as a central meeting place for colleagues and clients. This was designed in order to help everyone come together on projects and designs. The experts at TOWN Residential are the most frequently quoted in many different press outlets on the luxury real estate in New York City. To help with your next search in luxury NYC properties Town Residential should be your first call.

Josh Verne is Helping Brands to Attract Young Consumers through FlockU

Millennials are among the biggest group of consumers across the globe. In a bid to make more sales and become market leaders, most brands target the young consumers. This demographic of young shoppers has $200 billion for expenditure. Therefore, it is imperative for brands to focus on earning their loyalty to create the platform for long-term relevance. Nowadays, most college-aged consumers make their shopping decisions.

Hard to winIrrespective of their size and relevance, college-aged consumers are hard to win over because of their unique needs and expectations, which diverge from all generation groups that have preceded them. Brands that desire to win the Millennials must have a perfect understanding of what the young shoppers are looking for in brands, and they must learn to speak their language before opening any conversation. The System ID’s Director of Marketing, Brian Sutter, said that the young generation perfectly understands traditional advertising and marketing.

About FlockU

What is fashionable today can be outdated tomorrow, so a unique firm called FlockU enables brands to attract young consumers leveraging trendy marketing styles. FlockU is a peer-to-peer content exchange program managed by college students and targeting college students. FlockU’s practical marketing strategies allow brands to reach out to 18-24-year-old young consumers. Since its inception earlier in 2016, the firm has over 700,000 members, with about four million web hits on a monthly basis. Josh Verne is the founder of FlockU.

Facts about Josh Verne

Josh Verne is a leader in the corporate arena who has helped many individuals and corporations in establishing profitable businesses. On several occasions, he has advised ambitious young entrepreneurs to work smart rather than hard. He encourages them to be strong team players in their places of work. Verne has established several successful businesses such as, a Philadelphia-based startup that runs an e-commerce site with more than 50,000 brand name items. It enables shoppers to purchase furniture, computers, as well as other goods. In 2014, the Global Analytics based in San Diego acquired

Immediately after completing his high school education in 1995, Verne started out in the warehouse department of his family distribution business. After rising through ranks and holding influential positions, Verne enforced a sequence of strategic plans positioning his firm at the forefront in the world of furniture distribution.