How Oncotarget is contributing to Cancer Research

Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal that focuses on oncology and treatment protocols that are used to help improve the handling of cancer patients. The journal mainly focuses on the research that seeks to identify the root course of cancer and its treatment. Oncotarget was created in 2010 and has managed to attract some high-level researchers.

Ever since its creation, the journal has received positive reviews on the work posted. Recent statistical data shows an increase in value from different indicators. During the five years, the journal has received an impact factor of 2.235.

The journal is indexed in; PubMed, SciSearch®, Biological Abstract, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), Journal Citation Reports and The Open Access Initiative among others. It is also a member of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics). The journal also follows the principles of COPE. Read more about Oncotarget at Bioxbio.

Mikhail Blagosklonny together with Andrei V. Gudkov serves as the editors-in-chief. The duo also works in Roswell Park Cancer Institute based in Buffalo, New York. The Institute had spearheaded cancer research and treatment since 1894 when Dr. Roswell Park founded it.

Oncotarget has also attracted renowned researchers from different cancer research institutes who serve in the Founding Editorial Board. These editors help to evaluate the manuscript submitted to the journal following their scientific credit and level.

Other than oncology, the journal also tries to accept research publications from other medical fields, such as Chromosome, Immunology, and Microbiology, etc. The standard publication fee for a complete research paper is $3,400.

Oncotarget credits its rise in popularity to punctual, constructive, insightful, and complete dedication by authors in their publications. It also conducts interviews with most of its notable authors and publishes the interview on their platform. Each of the papers can be printed, in a case of a special demand.

The journal also enables extraordinary medical discoveries to be shared and accessed quickly, by making the information readily and widely available. Through this journal, researchers are now able to contribute to the expansion of science.

Four members of Oncotarget have won Breakthrough Prize, which is the highest prize in the medical field. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Adapting To Change

When some people hear the term “Online Reputation Management”, they focus on the word management. Their reputation online is something they see as something they have to manage. To keep tabs on and maybe update periodically. This is actually a good way of looking at your online reputation……as something you constantly have to manage. Most every aspect of the internet is in a constant state of flux. Constantly changing by way of how Google ranks sites, in the ways spammers get through security measures and in the ways other people online view the context of your marketing measures.

Managing your online reputation then requires that you stay in tune with all of these changes and alter what you do accordingly. According to, by doing this, you will always be viewed in a favorable light by whomever or whatever see’s what you do online. Managing your online content in this fashion can seem like a job in and of itself when you first start doing it but, just like anything else, it will get easier and less time consuming with time.

Another benefit to managing your online reputation by way of keeping pace with changes is that it will make you more successful at what you do. This success will come by way of the reputation you will garner as someone who is professional, intelligent and vigilant enough to keep pace with the changes for the purpose of staying relevant and successful. This is perhaps the best reputation you can have online, and it is achievable by hard work, keeping a constant eye on the changes going on around you and the abilities to adapt to those changes.

Sam Tabar Practices Law in New York and Incorporates Financial Sectors’ Participation in Community Operations

Tabar improves the community through his charitable initiatives and incorporation of financial sector’s involvement in the community. He practices law in New York as a licensed attorney. Furthermore, he studied at Oxford University where he earned his BA and MA in Law and then joined Columbia Law School where he obtained his LLM. revealed that Sam Tabar is a Skedden associate since 2001, and he has held several positions including serving as a senior associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, which is a major law firm. Moreover, he received his major break in 2004 serving PMA, which is the first time he had the opportunity to start managing hedge funds and dealing with customers directly.

Tabar rose in position to Co-Head and Managing Director of PMA’s Business Development. He stayed at the company for approximately six years until he gets another significant job opportunity.

However, his career history starts in 2011, when Merrill Lynch absorbed him. Here, he began his connection with Asia-Pacific region, which enabled him to start dealing with management, and hedge funds directly.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar was, after that, followed by a job at Adenval LLC that allowed him to warm up his capital tactic muscle. Besides, his international financial career made him fluent in Japanese and French, on top of his native English. Additionally, he has made himself both a hedge fund manager and an attorney for the leading financial institutions, including The Bank of America.

Tabar, by 2014, was managing his practice, which had begun handling most of the profile contacts that he had developed while serving the hedge fund across the world. Furthermore, he is the Awearable Apparel’s CFO and the Chief Operations Officer at Full Cycle Energy Fund in New York.

Sam Tabar’s Role in the Community

Sam Tabar is a leader of the community who sponsors community innovative projects and volunteers in the community operations.

Moreover, he incorporates the financial sector’s participation in the community activities. He also finances SheThinx that donate and develops feminine hygiene facilities to female students in Africa.

SheThinx is currently designing a set of underwear, which will meet the women preference fashion in the United States and all over the world. As for social media, Tabar has many followers on both Facebook and Twitter.

He likes sharing the business sector’s current development with his social media followers. Moreover, most of his Facebook posts and tweets are financial-oriented and informative.

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George Soros and His Success Story in the Financial Industry

George Soros is a well-known name in the investment industry and has built a massive financial empire that is now being looked after by his children. He has also written about 12 books on many different subjects like the war on terror and capital capitalism based on his experience on the subject. At the age of 85, he was named the 21st richest person in the world in 2015. Apart from being an influential financer and author, he is also a big supporter of liberal social causes. But, his success today stems from humble beginnings as a refugee in the country. Learn more about George at

George Soros is a big supporter of refugees and has donated towards many companies founded by refugees in the country and to those organizations who offer their support to immigrants. One of those steps is his contribution to a super PAC that wishes to mobilize Hispanic voters. Being a refugee himself, he understands the plight and the struggle that the immigrants have to endure to make a living in the country. Among other groups that he has funded, the most notable ones are the American Institute for Social Justice, the New America Foundation, and the Migration Policy Institute. He has also made contributions to the Democratic Party and its members who are working towards a better life for the immigrants in the country.

George Soros himself was a refugee who fled from his country of Nazi-occupied Hungary and came to the United Kingdom to start a new life. He studied at the London School of Economics from where he passed out in 1952 but was not able to secure a job right after as he was a refugee. George worked as a railway porter and also a waiter before you got his first break as a finance executive at a merchant bank. After gaining some experience, he moved to New York where he secured a job on Wall Street at a firm named F.M. Mayer. He then started a hedge fund in 1969 with $12 million which was known as Quantum Fund. Today, he is one of the top most executives in the investment industry while working in his own family run business, Soros Fund Management that has $30 billion in assets. Read his profile at Forbes.

It was in the year 1992 that Soros did something that made him a known name in the financial sector. When the British government devalued the pound sterling, he sold billions of pounds most of which were purchased with money borrowed from others before the devaluation. He then bought back the pounds; repaid the money he borrowed and made a huge profit amounting to $1 billion. While many others profited from this, it was Soros who made the most money.

Madison Street Capital Closing in for a Double during the M&A Advisors Awards

Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based banking firm, made it to the finals in the 15th Annual M&A Advisors Awards. The company was nominated in two categories: Global Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and Innovative Industrial Deal of the Year. For the latter, the award is given for deals not exceeding $100 million, with Madison Capital making it to the list for leading the deal that saw Dowco purchase Acuna & Asociados. Karl D’Cunha, the senior manager at Madison Capital, represented the firm in the deal. The coveted M&A Advisors Awards honor outstanding companies and individual professionals in the financial industry. The awards ceremony was to be held at the New York Athletic Club.


Word from the CEO


Speaking after the big announcement, Madison Street Capital CEO, Charles Botchway, expressed his delight for the recognition in the M&A Awards, terming it as an honor. He took that moment to appreciate Madison Capital’s long-term client, Dowco, for giving them the chance to transact on its behalf during the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados. Charles, who is also the founder of the company, emphasized on his firm’s continued commitment towards assisting its clients to grow in business. He thanked the company’s dealmakers from across the globe for their relentless efforts that have brought the firm tremendous success.


Karl D’Cunha, the man behind International and Industrial Deal of the Year nomination, took pride in the Dowco transaction. He said that the recognition was worth, given the complexity of the deal. M&A Advisors Awards has been in existence for the past 19 years, honoring and awarding excellence in the financial industry.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital, LLC, specializes in offering investment banking services. The privately-owned firm is based in Chicago, Illinois, but it serves clients from across the globe. Through its international offices in Asia, Africa, and America, Madison Capital offers a wide range of expert services including, among others, corporate tax planning, financial advisory, merger and acquisitions, and business evaluation. Charles Botchway, who presently acts as the CEO, founded the firm 12 years ago. Other executives include Karl D’Cunha, Jay Rodgers, and Reginald McGaugh.


Following the recent disaster that affected more than ten states in America, Madison Street Capital collaborated with the United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area to help the affected families. The most affected were from Midwest, Gulf Coast, and East Coast. The firm donated food and shelter as well as funding the construction of schools in those areas. Participation in charity activity has substantially promoted Madison Street Capital reputation.

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The Progress Of Internet Of Things According To Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope

The Internet of Things has made a lot of progress over the past few years. One thing that is certain is that anything that is based on the internet is going to take off pretty big. This is especially true of concepts and inventions that enhance the internet. Jason Hope is very interested in the Internet of Things because of the promise that it brings with it. For one thing, Internet of Things does not just involve computers, phones, and some of the other entertainment devices. It also connects other items that are not expected to be connected to the internet.

Liek Jason Hope on Facebook.

One thing that Jason Hope knows is going to be improved with Internet of Things is surveillance. Given that everything is connected, there will likely be more surveillance that will increase public safety. After all, public safety is a major concern for people in many different areas. At least with Internet of Things, people will know that they are being observed for their own safety. This will allow people to actually get out of the home and not worry about anything bad happening to them. Jason Hope looks forward to this type of day.

Jason Hope is also very interested in the health aspects of technology. Technology is a very important part of human life. For one thing, technology is something that relies on the mentality of people. The idea behind technology is to make life better and easier for humans. Jason Hope is also exploring technology in an area where many people do not expect technology to be in. This area is in biology and medicine. However, technology is a great way to find new treatments and cures so that they will be able to help people who are suffering from diseases and disorders that are potentially life threatening.

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The journey of Sam Tabar to success

Born Sam Tabar, the New York based lawyer and businessman is one of the most influential leaders in the country. He specializes in capital strategies and has played an instrumental role in the transformation of business practices in the state.

Most people just know the larger than life name of the entrepreneur, but only a few know the tough journey he has been through to get to where he is. Below are things you might not know about Sam Tabar.

Early life and education

Sam was born and brought up in Montreal Quebec, Canada. He attended the first years of his elementary school in the country. It was after successfully completing his high school education that he joined the University of Oxford.

After graduating Oxford with top honors, he enrolled in the School of law at the University of Columbia and graduated as an attorney in 2001. While at the University, he worked for their paper, The Columbia Business Law Review.

His career path

Sam Tabar worked for the Business Law review paper for a few years before he left again and joined Skadden, Arps, Meagher and Flom LLP. This is one of the most recognized law firms on the globe. His responsibility was to the hedge fund clients and the things they could do to help them invest properly in them. He stayed here until 2004.

He shocked many when he decided he had had it with his legal career and decided to switch gears completely. He approached the world of high finance as a rookie. The first company that took him in was the Sparx Group. He worked here as a counsel and worked all the way up to the post of managing Director.

He was managing a hedge fund worth 2 billion dollars. This is the time when he created a strategy that was aimed at people with a great net worth. Before he left the company in 2011, he had helped them raise over 1.2billion dollars. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He joined the Bank of America after leaving the Sparx Group. He got an appointment as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia and Pacific Region. He decided to rejoin the legal world in 2013. He became a senior associate at the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. Again, he specialized in hedge funds.

His career has been quite illustrious, and his investment portfolio is even more impressive. He is also ver philanthropic. One of the courses he is passionate about is Thinx Company, which provides sanitary products to women that cannot reach them in third world countries.

According to, Sam Tabar is fluent in English, French and Japanese. When not working, he travels and hosts events. Sam Tabar is a truly inspirational leader in the world of business.

WEN Works On Fine Hair

Chaz Dean is the creator of WEN Hair conditioning cleanser. Many women have found that WEN conditioning cleanser is a great cleanser for their hair. Since there have been so many different individuals that have fallen in love with this product, Emily MCclure from The Bustle decided to have her own test on this condition cleanser. Many women may wonder who is Chaz Dean, and they also might wonder how he came up with the idea to create WEN conditioning cleanser. Chaz Dean is an individual who worked in photography for many years. Dean fell in love with beauty and with everything that goes into the process of becoming beautiful. He began to take an interest in hair, and he decided to study cosmetology.

After working in some of the most popular hair salons in California, Dean found that the majority of hair care products were lacking. He decided to get together with some like-minded individuals, and he wanted to create a superior product. He wanted his product to be able to cleanse, condition, and style hair all in one product. Dean’s clients absolutely loved his product, and that is when he had the idea to make it available to more women.

Emily McClure from The Bustle has medium length fine hair; she wanted to see how well the QVC advertised WEN conditioning cleansing would work on her hair. McClure decided to test run the product for one week to see how it worked. McClure found many things that she loved about the products, and there were some things that she did not love. She didn’t like was that if she skipped a day of washing her hair, and then her hair would be greasy and weighed down. McClure absolutely loved the fact that WEN conditioner gave her hair body and sheen. She also received compliments from family and friends about how shiny her hair looked.

McClure decided that WEN conditioning cleanser is good for women with thin hair. WEN conditioning cleanser offers an affordable solution ( to hair care. It gives the shine, body, and manageability of any hair care products, but it is made without the chemicals and dyes that many other hair care products have.


How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Outperforming Amazon

In just four short years, movie star Kate Hudson has managed to turn her athletic apparel company Fabletics into a fashion business phenomenon. The company is currently valued at over $250 million and outperforms online retail giant Amazon’s fashion department.


Hudson launched Fabletics during the rise of the “athleisure” trend that incorporates workout apparel into everyday wear. For years before Hudson created Fabletics, she could be seen on her Instagram account wearing fashionable sports bras and leggings.


The Fabletics website offers hundreds of workout and athleisure apparel items. In addition to workout staples like supportive sports bras, leggings and jogger pants, shoppers can also browse through hundreds of everyday tank tops, dresses and jackets made of breathable, sweat-resistant fabrics. Like all online retail websites, the Fabletics website allows customers to add items to their shopping cart and check out.


However, Fabletics makes most of its revenue from its subscription service feature that allows customers to become VIP members. This membership program sends a full workout outfit to the subscriber’s door each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. The first outfit is half the price and the shipping is always free. Subscribers may opt out of the program at any time.


Fabletics selects the outfit for the subscriber based on a survey that subscribers take upon signing up. This survey asks the subscriber questions about their personal fashion style as well as the types of workouts that they like to do. VIP members love the convenience of letting Fabletics select the outfit for them.


When Joanie and Heather, the bloggers behind, signed up for the program, it was because they found the deal too hard to resist. As workout fanatics, they loved the idea of receiving a workout outfit each month for such an affordable price. When their first outfits arrived, they were very happy with the quality of Fabletics clothing.


To add to the company’s success, Hudson launched several “reverse showrooms” in the form of physical stores. While many physical stores are suffering because of the consumer shift to online retail, Fabletics stores help bring the company more revenue by encouraging customers to sign up for the VIP program. About 25 percent of customers who walk into a Fabletics store become VIP members. When customers try on a Fabletics clothing item, that item appears in the customer’s online shopping cart.


Thanks to Hudson’s innovative strategies, the company continues to grow. Hudson will be launching several more brick-and-mortar stores over the next several years.

The Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Phenomenon Is Real

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a very well respected company in the document research and verification marketplace. It is not by accident that the company enjoys industry leading compliance rates at the 99.8% level as well as a reject rate of less than 1%. These numbers are even more impressive when it is considered that Nationwide is one of the biggest volume processors of documents.


Eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage and banking retail lending companies rely on Nationwide for their major documentation which says volumes about what this company’s position is regarding the overall position it occupies. The mortgage industry is very competitive, and it takes excellent systems to prevail in it.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established in 1991, and it is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. In just 26 years, Nationwide has become a strong leader in an industry that heretofore had been made up of many localized companies that in a sense fractionalized the industry.


Nationwide has been able to standardize many of its processes with the smart application of technology. Many human processes that were very apt to be mistake prone have been replaced with technological processes that eliminate error and accelerate the speed of delivery. Particularly with the volume of documentation that is processed by Nationwide, technology plays a very important role, and will continue to increase in size and scope with the company moving forward.


As much as technology has fueled Nationwide’s growth and profits, the other side of the equation is the talented and well-trained staff. Employees always make the difference and turn the tide when times get tough. One time-tested rule that is vital is the fact that when you properly hire good people at the outset, your chances of having a long-term success in that area increases.


There is also a long-term continuing educational program that is very robust and helpful to career employees. The college level training courses are instrumental to employees moving ahead within the company, and up to half of the employee population is involved with these programs on a continual basis.


The prospects of continued success of Nationwide is very likely because there is not likely to be any deviation of policy from the management of Nationwide. The pattern of success is predicated on people and systems that have a high probability of working out. That is exactly how Nationwide has in the past, and will in the future be the leader in the mortgage document sourcing and document verification field.