Tony Petrello before Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, the largest land-based drilling company in the world. The firm has headquarters in Texas. Tony has an inspiring story of how he managed to move from a little-known town of Newark, NJ to become one of the brilliant and accomplished executives in the United States. His accomplishments are not something that many people can even come close to. He joined the oil drilling company and natural gas drilling company when it was still in its early stages of growth. He is proud to say that he was in the team that brought up this company.

Tony Petrello’s journey to the senior position in the corporate sector has been rough and full of turns and twists. He found himself where others did not expect. It is a surprise to many that Tony Petrello is currently a corporate executive. They do not understand how the man they knew as a great mathematician switched to be a business executive and performed so well. Others do not understand how the man they so loved as a lawyer became the CEO in the mining sector. This is something that none of them expected, but it happened. Tony Petrello took people by surprise by taking challenges that were not expected.

When Tony Petrello joined Yale University through scholarship, he was determined to become a mathematician. He had the advantage of being mentored by a mathematics genius known as Serge Lange who was a professor at the university. He completed his bachelors and masters in the university but called it quits after that. To the astonishment of the people. He was no longer interested in a career as a mathematician despite being one of the brilliant mathematicians in the institution. He left and joined Harvard School of law where he went on to graduate with JD. He then practiced as a lawyer in New York with a law firm known as Baker &McKenzie. While he was working with this firm, he got an opportunity to work with Nabors Industries who turned out to be his employer after a few years.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as a Chief Operating Officer.

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The Leadership of Hussain Sajwani for DAMAC Is Standing Strong With A Solid Vision

The leadership of Hussain Sajwani for DAMAC Properties is one of the most talked about, analyzed and followed inspirations for many other leaders. In fact, there would probably no DAMAC Properties without the incessant push for fantastic ideas and risk-taking attitude of Hussain Sajwani. DAMAC would not expand to its high-scale international reputation today if Hussain Sajwani didn’t do all his best to build networks with the high-ranking people all over the world. The society in general also has a lot to thank Hussain Sajwani for, mainly because of the jobs he’s generated since he started expanding his DAMAC Properties projects.

The career history of Hussain Sajwani would also be full of anecdotes, ideas and life lessons that any business start-up may want to read not only to get ideas but also to get inspired. DAMAC Properties was founded in 1976, and since then has become a company synonymous with construction, engineering and fantastic architecture programs. It is a company that has international standards. It’s a company that’s built from scratch by a leader with high-caliber ambition and drive to care for the most prosperous life for him and the society as a whole.

DAMAC Properties Dubai PJSC is the official name of the company. It is also a company that’s already built a name for developing residential, commercial and leisure companies in the Middle East and Dubai regions. It is also the great pride of DAMAC to be able to work with fantastic leisure brands in the world, including Versace Home, Fendi Casa, Tiger Woods Design, Just Cavalli and Trump Organization. Without the links to such prestigious brands, it would probably be hard for the brand to bring in such a large-scale attraction of new guests, investors and shareholders to all of its ventures.

The trust that DAMAC has also earned for all these years is also a fantastic attraction for other business leaders to follow. It is the vision of DAMAC to work with the best clients, architects, developers and contractors in the countries that it operates. Fortunately, the current status of the company is standing strong with that vision in mind.

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Jed McCaleb and Steller Venture

The business world is always changing, and one mistake should enable entrepreneurs to learn and correct it in the future avoiding any failures. That is the same case with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Jed McCaleb is known for being actively involved in the blockchain, and he has so far made a lot of contribution in the business. He created the first Bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox, and he has continued to work hard to ensure he is entirely in the industry.


According to Jed McCaleb, he has been putting effort to create excellent products that would be offering proper service to people. That why he began a venture called Stellar. The business is essential as it is intended to help people to trade in a network. Through the platform, there is an increased potential for traders to get the best opportunities on the online platform. Jed McCaleb has broad knowledge in technical programming and is good in coding. He used his skills in coding to discover a gap in the financial world and decided to fix the gap. According to, he decided to start Stellar which he believes will fix this gap in the financial sector. With Joyce Kim, a co-founder, they have begun Stellar Development, a foundation which has the aim of becoming a universal financial network useful to anyone anywhere. They also have which is not an organization for making a profit. They use this platform to offer free services concerning financial literacy. You can also learn how you can increase your leads through technology.

Its inception

When CNBC interviewed him, he revealed that he decided to start Stellar came from the proper understanding Jed McCaleb has about cryptocurrency and blockchain. He also used the technology behind Bitcoin to discover tremendous and potential solutions in the financial sector. He was privileged to see what others could not see at the moment. While many saw that Bitcoin could be a network to be used as an alternative form of currency, Jed McCaleb saw another use for Bitcoin. He was happy to discover he could connect people and achieve value. It is a realization that inspired Jed to start Stellar, and it was a golden opportunity.

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Ryan Seacrest: a Life of Broadcasting and Charity

Born on Christmas Eve of 1974 Ryan Seacrest is a well-known radio and TV host as well as an entrepreneur, producer and philanthropist. Though best known for his hosting duties on the soon to be relaunched American Idol on ABC he has numerous other award-winning and popular projects.

Ryan Seacrest is a radio show host for the nationally syndicated “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” through Los Angles’ 102/7 KIIS FM station. This show is a perennial Top 40 nationwide.

Seacrest is also the co-host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, a syndicated show made through ABC and is highly viewed on a regular basis. He is also the host of the ABC New Years Eve tradition, “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” having taken over regular hosting duties on the networks annual set piece showcase after Dick Clark’s failing health forced him to step aside in 2005. Seacrest is also the executive producer of the New Years show.

Seacrest produces other shows for his production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions. The production company makes some well known shows such as the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” series of reality shows, the “E! Live From the Red Carpet” awards shows, reality show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and the NBC police drama “Shades of Blue.” Ryan Seacrest Productions also the Netflix show “Insatiable” and the YouTube show “Best. Cover. Ever.” among others.

As a businessperson Ryan Seacrest has started both Distinction, a men’s fashion line sold exclusively through Macy’s and with Polished by Doctor Lancer, a skin care line for men developed with dermatologist Doctor Harold Lancer. These endeavors are in addition to his sponsorship deals with numerous companies including Coca-Cola and Ford Motor Company.

He is also the chair of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a philanthropic endeavor focused mainly on youth charities and projects, notably opening 10 broadcasting centers inside pediatric hospitals. Ceacrest is also an honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation and sits on the board for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. See how Ryan stays fit on this article from

Ryan Seacrest will be hosting American Idol in its next season.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Reveals A Couple Of His Personal Secrets For Success

Hussain Sajwani is the Founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties, and he has been working in the real estate industry for a good part of his life. As one of the pioneers of Dubai property market expansion that took place in 2002, the DAMAC owner knew there were opportunities just waiting to be taken advantage of in the market, and he did just that. Today, DAMAC Properties develops properties in a number of global cities and has developed more than 44,000 units. Sajwani is now listed as one of the top billionaires in the Middle East and has also been called one of the 100 most globally influential Arabs.

In an article from the,  it says that the DAMAC owner brings a lot of his ideas to life by imagining what Dubai will look like in a decade or two from now. As a calculated risk taker, he invests in opportunities that have the potential of becoming something great. Instead of paying attention to his fears, Hussain Sajwani focuses on pushing forward and working with whatever economical climate happens to be the current one. In Sajwani’s website, he has talked about his love of traveling in interviews and has said that it opens him up and expands his horizons. When traveling, he gets to see things from many different aspects.

Hussain Sajwani was asked recently to talk about the worst job he has ever had. The DAMAC owner talked about his time after graduating from the University of Washington where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. It was then that he worked for a larger company in its finance department. During his time with the company, he realized that he could make plenty of money by striking out on his own. According to Al Jazeera, he now remembers that time fondly, because if it wasn’t for that job, which he didn’t like at all, he might not have discovered what it was he disliked. Doing so guided him towards doing the things he truly had a passion for. Today, he does just that, and through his company, he has built some of the most beautiful luxury property developments in the entire world.

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Find Financial Freedom Through HCR Wealth Advisors

Retirement is the period when one stops working on a permanent basis usually because of old age. Over the years, retirement has had some elements which include:

Transition: For some change from work to rest is exciting since they get to avoid the hustles of the formal jobs. While to some, they may find it difficult to make the change especially if they were attached to their jobs.

Personal development: This could be a time to renew previous interests and stimulate new interests besides taking on self-actualization.

Leisure and living: Retirement is a time to focus on self-fulfillment. Find hobbies that keep your body and mind active and happy.

Wellness: As we increasingly age, there is need to ensure that our bodies are responsibly taken care of a great level. Make sure to keep your body in peak condition for your age.

Due to this, there is a great need for financial planning. However non-financial aspects of the planning are also significant. These include emotional, intellectual and psychological aspects. Retirement could be a happy venture if well-planned, but it turns otherwise in many cases, the joy may turn to frustration, depression, or even poor health.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm consisting of independent advisors with the sole responsibility of helping clients achieve financial security and freedom. HCR Wealth Advisors has been working with clients to achieve the financial independence even as one approaches retirement. It formulates the comprehensive wealth management. Empowerment through education has been a key goal to ensure clients have a great understanding of any financial decisions to be made.

Financial freedom being the main goal in HCR Wealth Advisors, plans which are custom tailored based on the client’s needs can be developed by laying out goals. Additionally, the firms also help clients identify investment opportunities that best suit the client and help clients closely monitor their portfolios.

According to, Investment strategies, for instance, can involve real estate or securities. It is through discussion with the client on how to identify one’s specific needs and investment goals that help the client implement the investment strategies. Management of the client account is a key factor in ensuring trust and getting to mitigate risks involved in the investment.

HCR Wealth Advisors has created a good environment for achieving financial freedom through financial education and creation of working client’s relationships.

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Francisco Domenech: Early Life And Entry Into Politics

Born in 1978 as Francisco Javier Domenech, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Francisco has made a name for himself in the world of American politics. His interest in politics and leadership spiked during his teen years, particularly during his time in Ocala, Florida where he spent most of his schooling years. This interest in leadership and politics would stay with him into adulthood and see him appointed to different regional and national political positions for within the Democratic Party.


Francisco Domenech is a lawyer by profession having graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, school of law with a juris doctor degree in 2003. He is also an acclaimed political analyst, having graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Political science from the same university in 1999. Notably, Francisco was the President of the General Student Body Council. He had also represented his institution in different national competitions for the school of law.

Life in politics

The university life, particularly his participation in leading different school departments helped hone his political skills. It also exposed him to the national politics and saw him appointed the president of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats America. He would use this newfound influence to rally island wide campaigns for different individuals including governors, senators, and even Democratic presidential candidates. For instance, he volunteered to campaign for Gov. Pedro Rossello during the 2003/4 campaigns.

This devotion to the Democratic Party saw him appointed the national officer for the Young Democrats America in 2005. This further fueled his commitment to the party and subsequently earning him the position of national Vice President for Development in 2007. This saw him gain membership to the Democratic National Convention (DNC), a position he used to pioneer the founding of YDA Hispanic caucus. Watch Francisco Domenech on Youtube.


Francisco Domenech has made several achievements in his political life, some of which have proved historic. For instance, he is the only person to have ever served as a national officer of the Young Democrats of America to have ever served for seven consecutive years. He also served as a delegate to the DNC for four consecutive times representing his Bayamon Senatorial District. Most recently, he was named top fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign during the 2016 electioneering period.



Heal N Soothe Works For Many Ailments


Heal N Soothe is a very natural way to combat pain and inflammation and because it is a natural product it does not have the many unwanted side effects that painkillers tend to have that are made from artificial ingredients.


Heal N Soothe is used by many different people from all different walks of life to help them to get the mobility that they need to fulfill their daily tasks and to be able to do the things that they want and need to do. Many people who try Heal N Soothe for the first time are skeptical only to find that not only do their pain, and inflammation symptoms go away, but other ailments tend to vanish as well. Ailments such as toe fungus and eczema that they have had for many years.


Heal is not a magical drug, it simply contains natural ingredients that have been effective in treating pain and inflammation for thousands of years. It is a product that not only treats pain but also heals the body so that it can function better and be healthier.


Many people who try it for the first time have already tried many other options and medications and even surgeries, but still find themselves suffering from pain and inflammation. Click Here for more information.


If you are one of the unsure, you can try it for free for a month (a $50 value) with the guarantee of your money back if it does not work. It is easy to incorporate Heal N Soothe into your daily routine as they are a few supplements that can be taken daily. You can also adjust your dosage to meet your pain level.


Heal N Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzymes Therapy that work hard throughout the entire body to repair damage, promote the growth of fresh and healthy cells and tissues and to break down damaging fibrin. These enzymes help to speed up recovery as well from surgery, sprains, bruises, and many other injuries. It even helps to promote healthy heart health and helps to prevent memory loss. It does not contain any fake ingredients or fillers either.


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Michael Hagele- An Outstanding Business Entrepreneur

Michael Hagele a business entrepreneur, was born in 1969 in Germany. He is the founder of various companies in both Cafeteria and hospitality sectors. He also partners with other companies dealing with advanced technologies in accomplishing their business objectives. He is thus experienced in all matters concerning technology.

Preceding his current profession, Michael Hagele worked as a general advisor in a variety of Internet-related organizations. His duties and responsibilities involved dealing with legal matters such as governing the corporate properties, issues related to employment of the workers,plans on mergers and acquisition activities on behalf of the companies. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.

Mr. Hagele argues from his experience that even young entrepreneurs can continuously offer excellent legal services to all interested customers in the technology industries. This field only requires commitment and persistence and therefore anyone with the right skills can get it through. Michael Hagele believes in never giving up on anything he does while integrating new ideas and opportunities that he comes across and hence advises fellow entrepreneurs on the same.

Customers are the main targets for every business since more sales translate to more profits. Therefore every business person should always create good customer relationships and excise better business habits to them. Every entrepreneur should always prioritize the needs and interests of their customers according to Michael Hagele.

Getting connected to different people each day is also vital for the growth of the business and therefore he really takes much advantage of the internet for it. Michael believes in promoting his services and capturing his customers through the social media. It is an ideal place where an entrepreneur can meet many people and speak to them about the kind of products and services he offers and how a consumer benefits from them. Customers are given a chance to express their opinions about the products and also ask related questions about them.

However in all the business activities, one should expect many challenges but with strong determination in solving the problems, the business will always run successfully. It is also important to ensure that the team you are working with as an entrepreneur is positive about the business and all efforts are tailored toward its success.

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The Successful Life of Heather Russell

Heather Russell joined the management team of TransUnion as the Executive Vice President and the Chief Legal Officer as from June 2018. Before joining the institution, she worked in a prominent Law Firm known as the Buckley Sandler, LLP. Russell got respect as a partner at the firm leading as from October 2016 in the Financial Institutions Regulations, Technology, and Supervision practices. Her intellectual capacity in the technology helped other companies like the financial service institutions and banks in dealing with matters concerning the regulatory issues. Russell would handle matters like navigating regulatory approval processes, implementing required regulatory changes, and merger and acquisitions.

The individual has other expertise with which she brings to the TransUnion. Initially, she worked in the Fifth Third Bank as the Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary, and Chief Legal Officer. She worked as the Global Chief Regulatory Counsel in the Bank of New York Mellon. She founded the firm’s International Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, a group that managed the relationship of the bank with its regulators in 100 countries across the globe. Russell was the Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel of the Bank of American, where she provided lead counsel services like Global Risk and Advisory.

Heather Russell acquired the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology and English. At the American University’s Washington College of Law, Russell graduated with her Juris Doctor. As an outstanding law student, she received the honor of Most Outstanding Graduate. Also, taught about the future of banks and fintech as an adjunct Professor in the Boston University’s School of Law. The TransUnion President and CEO, James Peck congratulated Russell saying that she will be an essential addition to the institution’s administrative team, where she can add her leadership opinions. Russell will be part of the leading international consumer credit reporting authority. Transunion serves other companies regarding the fraud and prevention matters.

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