William Saito World Renowned Cyber Security Expert

William Saito is known for his financial expertise in the field of cybersecurity and has helped many cybersecurity companies achieve a great height of success throughout his career. William Saito feels that it is essential for the start-ups not to feel let down by the sluggish financial market and continue to pursue their goal. In an interview to media recently, William Saito said that it is essential for the entrepreneurs and companies to feel the heat because it is during the difficult times that the real companies that have value to provide to its end users can survive. It is during tough times that the competition wears off by itself, ensuring that the company with real products and services thrive.


William Saito has had a long and successful career over the years and was formerly the chief advisor to the government of Japan in the matters of cybersecurity. William Saito also worked as the vice chairman of the Palo Alto before joining the government of Japan. He is also the board member of the famous World Economic Forum. William Saito is also the venture capitalist in Japan and has invested in many Japanese start-ups, and provided them with the much-needed guidance to grow. William Saito feels that the business culture in the east and the west is vastly different, and one of the primary differences is that the entrepreneurs in the direction are more receptive to failure in a positive manner. However, people in the east are highly sensitive to crashes and feel that it is the end of their journey.


William Saito has completed his graduation from the University of California and was born in Los Angeles, California. William Saito has learned a lot during his college years in the United States, and being a Japanese immigrant in the United States, helped him witness both the cultures and figure out the difference as well as the pros and cons. It is the positive values that he tried to pick from both the customs and believes that the entrepreneurs in the east should be open to the challenges they come across when beginning their journey into the world of start-ups. Business is never going to be stagnant or not challenging, and there would always be ups and downs, and the entrepreneurs have to be able to face the challenges without getting easily disappointed. William Saito has also worked with Japan Airlines as the digital innovation promotion in the past.



Canvassing with NGP VAN

Canvassing has always been a tradition for politicians. During a campaign season, politicians will go from door to door in order to interact with voters. They try to reach out to voters in this manner. By canvassing they are able to get in touch with voters and find out what is on the voter’s minds.

Traditionally, canvassing has been time-consuming and involved much paperwork. This has been revamped with technology. The technology uses what is called digital canvassing. Digital canvassing works with and for the candidate. Candidates are able to track voter interests easier. They are also able to target their canvassing campaigns toward the voter and what the voter wants.

NGP VAN puts a technology to work for canvassers. NGP VAN and Mini Van are technology that offers a digital way to canvass. Canvassers get their itinerary on their smartphone device. They then go their route and input answers from voters right into their smartphone. This makes the canvassing so much more expedited.

NGP VAN and Mini Van are making it easier, less time consuming and more efficient for the democratic party to canvass. In the past canvassing meant needing to take the time to map out routes for the canvassers. Also, canvassers had to input the voter’s responses to the questions manually. This was time-consuming and cost the Democratic candidates much money.

Candidates are now spending less time preparing for a canvass, and more time canvassing. Canvassing with NGP VAN and Mini Van can be a more effective way of canvassing. Candidates know ahead of time what issues are important to voters along the route of a canvass. They then give the canvassers specific questions related to the voter’s important issues. This can have a great effect on a canvass run. Canvassers know to pinpoint certain issues the candidate has.


Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Support Children Advocate Center

Among immigrants, no group is more vulnerable than children. Crossing borders to escape poverty, violence, persecution and political unrest is a desperate and dangerous situation for all people – but for the youngest immigrants the perils are especially great. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: www.azmusichalloffame.org/inductees/michael-lacey/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

Sometimes the parents of children pay smugglers to get them out of their troubled homelands. At other times, children are separated from parents once they enter the United States. And consider the fact that the children of immigrants are treated as adults in the U.S. Court system. Most of these youths can’t speak English, much less act as their own legal representatives.

The Young Center is one agency helping these kids. This nonprofit organization was formed 15 years ago to provide aid and assistance for the children of immigrants. It advocates for the kids in courts and deportation hearings. Children of immigrants are recognized to have a special situation and vulnerabilities as immigrants.

The good work of The Young Center has recently received financial support from the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, an organization established more than a decade ago that helps the immigrant community at large along with organizations like The Young Center.

The fund was established by two Arizona journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They are the former owners and co-founders of a chain of alternative newspapers across the United States known as the Village Voice Media.

Larkin and Lacey created the Frontera Fund using money from a huge legal settlement that received after being falsely arrested by the notorious former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the man once known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” — and who was later convicted of criminal contempt of court. Arpaio was recently pardoned by President Donald Trump, an action that produced widespread condemnation.

However, Larkin and Lacey received $3.75 million thanks to Sheriff’s Arpaio’s abuse of his office. Now that money is being used to help a variety of immigrant and Hispanic groups across the U.S., including The Young Center. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Partially thanks to financial support from the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, The Young Center opened a new office in Phoenix in 2016. Arizona is the second largest point of entry for immigrants next to Texas.

Arizona can be especially difficult for children because the state does not operate family detention centers. That means children are more often separated from parents.

Another challenge is that about 70% of immigrants entering Arizona are from Guatemala.

This means that a large percentage of immigrants speak neither Spanish nor English, but an indigenous language. This offers special challenges in dealing with their plight of being in a strange country with no friends, family, legal rights or means of support.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is proud that it helps The Young Center recruit advocates for minors and trains them to help face the many challenges ahead of them. They do that by developing relationships with local NGOs which provide a variety or services for immigrant youths.

The Young Center is headquartered in Chicago and has eight locations across the U.S.

Hussain Sajwani Continues to Blaze Trails in Middle Eastern Property Market

Since his founding of international property developer DAMAC Properties in 2002, Emirati businessman Hussain Sajwani has earned plaudits for his sharp business sense, astute marketing skills and ability to cultivate relationships with world leaders and captains of industry, including United States President Donald J. Trump.

A holder of a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Industrial Engineering and Economics, Sajwani launched his financial career in 1981 at GASCO, a producer of natural gas operating under the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. In 1982, he launched his first business, a catering company called Global Logistics Services that is still in operation today and boasts clients such as the United States military, providing culinary services during engagements in Iraq, Bosnia and Somalia.

Sajwani’s first foray into property development came in the mid-1990s as he oversaw the construction of numerous hotels in Dubai during a property boom in the region. He would go on to establish DAMAC Properties in 2002.

Since its inception, DAMAC has overseen numerous high-profile projects, including a residential complex in partnership with Paramount Hotels & Resorts, and two Dubai-based Trump branded, and managed golf courses planned by Tiger Woods Design.

With nearly 2000 employees worldwide, numerous ongoing residential and commercial projects in the key cities such as Beirut, Jeddah, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and annual revenues of nearly $2 billion, DAMAC has grown in a decade and a half to become the global leader in Middle Eastern property development. It is one of just under 70 companies publicly listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

Boasting a personal net worth of $3 billion, the DAMAC owner is has established himself not only as one of the wealthiest men in the Middle East, but also as a leader and innovator in the regional property market. In addition to his business success, Sajwani is also a keen investor, holding securities portfolios in various multinational markets, as well as a dedicated philanthropist.

To get in touch with DAMAC Properties, contact Sajwani: https://www.instagram.com/hussainsajwani/

Whitney Wolfe Has The Midas Touch

Whitney Wolfe is one of those entrepreneurs that continues to heat things up as the dating app industry gains momentum. She has become someone that really knows how to take dating apps to a completely new generation by marketing to this consumer base. She is aware that there are a lot of dating apps out there, and this is what gave her the ideal to become more creative with the app that she created. Now that an app like this that allows women to make the first move it appears only logical that it would rise to the top.

What Whitney Wolfe has done is create Bumble app platform where women feel safer. Women also feel like there is less of a chance of harassment here with Bumble because there are the ones that are making the first move. This is what has made the Bumble app that Whitney Wolfe created much more popular with professionals. While Tinder may pick up a college crowd of singles there is a great amount of interest in Bumble from a professional crowd of women.

Much of this professional single crowd has to do with the fact that Bumble is an app that also has networking platforms through Bumble Bizz and friendship building dimensions that are highlighted in Bumble BFF.

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People that are utilizing the app for these features may also turn on Bumble and start dating. This is something that engages a ton of professionals that are single. Physicians, business owners and corporate business women are checking out Bumble for their dating purposes.

Whitney Wolfe has appeared in Vanity Fair and Vogue magazine as these magazines highlighted her wedding. This is how a lot of people have heard about Bumble even though they were not familiar with the dating app scene. The mere fact that Whitney Wolfe has gotten married is something that also drew a lot of attention to her app.

Whitney wolfe has been able to successfully promote this app because she has been able to adapt to a young generation that is tired of the same standard apps of the past. Apps like eHarmony and Match have been apps that were designed by older men. Now that there is a young woman in place that is just as young as the millennials that are using her app it becomes easier for her to relate to this generation that utilizes her app.

Read more: Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd: How to build a workplace where women can thrive

Learning from Jim Toner

Learning from a mentor is one of the best ways for people to have financial success. Over the past few years, the economy has been strong. More people have jobs, and many people have additional income to invest. It is difficult to choose an asset class to invest in. Jim Toner is excited about the changes that he is making to his life. Although he owns a prominent medical business, he wants to spend more time with his friends and family. He has the financial resources to work less if he wants to.

One of the reasons that Jim Toner is successful financial is his real estate portfolio. He firmly believes that owning real estate is a proven way for people to have financial success. He started buying real estate once his business became successful. Jim Toner owns many properties in his city. He is an expert in his local real estate market.

Writing a Book

Jim Toner enjoys advising people who want to build wealth. He regularly had people ask him for advice related to real estate investing. As a result, he decided to write a book on the subject. Over time, he was able to develop a strong reputation as a writer. He is active online, and he enjoys engaging with his community.

In his book, Jim Toner outlines several ways that people can get started with real estate investing. Many people enjoy hearing his stories about his early investments. Becoming a real estate investor means that people must prioritize their spending. It also means that investors must be willing to take financial risks.


Finding a bank willing to lend money for a real estate investment is relatively easy. With the strong economy, banks are more willing to lend money than any time in the past decade. Before taking out a large business loan, it is critical for people to conduct thorough research on a property. Jim Toner is the type of person who continually looks for deals in his local area. He only buys a few properties each year, but he intimately understands the housing market. He uses this knowledge to make wise investments that appreciate in value.