Market Yourself and Your Brand Using Wikipedia

NTV news anchor woke up recently to find his Wikipedia page edited. The edited biography contained various changes such as he was born in 1889 and was born in Uganda where he worked mining copper before eventually moving to Kenya in 1913.

The edited page further portrayed him as a politician, joining the Kenyan Workers’ party in the year 1919 before becoming the party leader of Kazi as from 1921 to 1923, a period in which he attempted a coup of Kisumu. He was also said to have been Chancellor of Kenya from 1933 to 1945 as well as initiated World War II and the invasion of Poland.

As much as this edited page contained a lot of misleading information, when you make a Wikipedia page it can be a great tool which an individual, a business or any organization can use so as to put themselves out there and create a better online presence. Wikipedia usually pop-ups in the first page of results whenever one does an internet search about an individual, business or organization and therefore having a Wikipedia page of your own will make you more visible to people to search the web for a particular service of product that you may offer.

Having a Wikipedia page has various benefits such as improving personal or business reputation and it also adds some level of authenticity as well as credibility about the business, individual or organization. This additional authenticity leads to more business and more sales.

More and more people turn to Wikipedia when they are looking for information about a service or a product and with over 36 million articles written in more than 250 languages, it is a great source of information. One can create their own Wikipedia page if one clearly understands the procedure involved in creating a Wikipedia account, finding informative online content for referencing and writing a great article.

Get Your Wiki offers you consultation services as well as the creation, editing, and updating of your Wikipedia page. They further offer Wikipedia monitoring to ensure that any Wiki edits made to your page is not malicious and does not distort the information about you, as well as Wikipedia translation if you want your page to be available in any other language apart from English.

The Efficient Services Offered by Get Your Wiki in Maintaining Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia is an internet encyclopedia that people around the world have access to. It contains information about prominent people and events that are known around the world and is meant to educate and keep users informed. When a company puts for the effort to make a Wikipedia page, it is advantageous for their company as well as prominent figures like politicians and business people. One of the benefits that they can obtain is they may be able to reach the targeted clients because of the extensive usage of Wikipedia around the world. For someone to enjoy the benefits of having a Wikipedia page, it is necessary to ensure that he or she has people who can ensure that the page is not edited, and if there is an edit made, then they can update a Wikipedia page of their own or anyone else’s to correct and maintain the reputation of the individuals.

Due to the ongoing election campaigns in the US, Wikipedia has seen the pages of different politicians get edited. Wiki edits of pages for politicians may negatively affect the reputation of an individual candidate or the targeted message may fail to reach the targeted people in the United States. One of the politicians affected most by Wikipedia edits on his page is Virginia Senator Tim Keane. During the last elections in 2008, after Republican candidate John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate, her Wikipedia page had seen more than sixty-five edits before the day came to an end. Since Tim Keane’s page has received more edits than many other senators, it is possible that this could influence the election campaigns for the Democrats.

Owing to the importance of having a Wikipedia page and the benefits that may accrue for the politicians and business people, it is necessary to hire a Wikipedia expert to maintain the pages. The experts may be able to format someone’s page once it has been edited so as not to damage an individuals’ reputation or pass the unintended message. Since most people find Wikipedia credible, the targeted audience can read about your business or brand, and this produces positive results. is one of the companies that provide these services to different clients.  On top of setting up the Wikipedia page for busy individuals who intend to reach their target audience, Get Your Wiki ensures that there is monitoring of the Wikipedia accounts and that edits do not damage the reputation of individuals when you hire a Wikipedia writer through their site.

Overview of Securus Video Visitation

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of communications and technology services to the prison and correctional facility industry. Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, has provided services to over a thousand different facilities, and ultimately serves hundreds of thousands of inmates and other people that utilize their services.

While Securus Technologies has provided a number of different security and technology products in the past, their recent implementation of a new video visitation platform is having a number of unexpected benefits on the communication systems and quality of life in correctional facilities across the country. The new product that has been provided by Securus Technologies is a face-to-face video visitation service that can be accessible by anyone anywhere in the world.

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In order to utilize the new program, all that a correctional facility has to do is install a small terminal somewhere in their facility. This terminal will allow for a secure video connection between the terminal and the recipient of the phone call. The recipient of the phone call, which can be a family member, attorney, friend, or any other party, can then access the same call on any table or other mobile device that allows for video chat. This has proven to be very beneficial for both prisoners and their family members as it has been a much less burdening method of communication and family members no longer have to spend hours getting to and from the prison.

Not only is it easier for a prison system easier to keep an organized record of whom someone is connecting with, but they can also spend fewer resources ensuring the safety of guests. Furthermore, less time needs to be spent organizing the complicated schedule of scheduling in-prison visits for family members and friends.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.